Maniac Purposedly Crashes Toyota Prius Into US Military Contractor Building

Daniel Mackinnon was arrested by the FBI after plowing the stolen hybrid into the defense contractor’s main facility and causing a fire.

byChris Chin|
Maniac Purposedly Crashes Toyota Prius Into US Military Contractor Building

It seems a San Diego man was attempting to live out his Terminator movie fantasies, pretending to be Sarah Connor trying to take down Skynet before the government contractor builds machines that become self-aware. FBI agents reportedly arrested 36-year-old Daniel Mackinnon after he crashed a Toyota Prius into the building of a major defense contractor on purpose on Wednesday, according to Fox 5.

Mackinnon is in custody and facing arson charges after he intentionally drove the stolen Prius into Raytheon’s building in Kearny Mesa. Mackinnon then reportedly fled the scene as it caught fire.

According to Fox 5 in San Diego, emergency dispatchers responded to calls of a vehicle fire outside the Raytheon Integrated Defense Building located at 8650 Balboa Avenue, just east of Kearny Villa Road.

Raytheon is one of the biggest defense contractors for the United States military, specializing in the research, development, and supply of advanced weaponry and other major systems and technologies for the armed forces.

When crews arrived on the scene, they found the Prius on fire after it had crashed into the facility’s main building but nobody was found present. Authorities later discovered that the Prius that Mackinnon was driving was reported stolen and had mismatched license plates, San Diego police officer, Dino Delimitro, told Fox 5.

The fire brigade was able to get control of the place within 20 minutes, which only reportedly caused minor damage to the Raytheon building, a dispatch supervisor for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department told news outlets. The building was vacant and closed at the time of the incident.

No injuries were reported, and Mackinnon’s motive is currently unknown. At first, authorities couldn’t find the perpetrator as descriptions of the motorist were unavailable the time. It wasn’t until the Metro Arson Trike Team paired up with ATF and FBI agents to track down Mackinnon that he was found.