Woman Nearly Killed by Light Pole in Freak Accident That Skewered GMC Sierra Pickup Truck

Somehow, the driver avoided being impaled when the pole pierced the truck's windshield "inches" from her head.

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin woman had a Final Destination-like experience on Wednesday when a streetside light pole fell directly on her pickup truck, skewering the vehicle and somehow missing her head despite being just “inches” away. 

Local news outlet WISN 12 reported news of the incident and obtained a statement from an eyewitness named Matthew who was dumbfounded by it all, seemingly still in shock when saying:

“Inches, literally inches from fatality. The pole is inches from her head.”

“It was loud,” the man continued. “You could hear the tires screeching.”

He was reportedly working nearby when he was alarmed by the noise and saw the initially horrific aftermath of the crash. 

“The pole came down. Nobody knows how, but it flipped right down into her coming out of the ground, into the car,” recounted Matthew.

The wreck was initiated when an RV, which had reportedly lost its brakes, hit the woman’s GMC Sierra from behind. This sent her truck into the bottom of the light pole, causing it to crumple and aim directly down like some kind of supersized spear.

Stunningly, no injuries were reported and, per the witness, the driver walked away and “didn’t need nobody’s help.”

Police closed down Capitol Street, where it all occurred, for two hours on Wednesday. The RV driver was subsequently ticketed for the collision that surely totaled the GMC pickup. 

This isn’t the only freak accident of the past week, either. A drunk Subaru WRX driver collided with another car in a residential Utah neighborhood, causing the former’s engine and transmission to fly out—in one piece. The Subaru’s powertrain landed in a nearby homeowner’s yard who explained the high-speed crash to The Drive on Thursday.