Naked Women Strolls Around Houston Highway

Although, according to her, she's not a woman but an "angel". Sure, we'll go with it.

Log enough miles commuting and you’re bound to see something interesting, eventually. Well, dozens of Houston, Texas drivers saw just that when a women driving a Siren Red (that’s an official GM color, by the way) Chevy Malibu exited her vehicle completely naked and began shouting “I am an angel” at other drivers.

It’s unclear whether the woman was under the influence, emotionally disturbed, or both, but regardless, she seems entirely unbothered holding up traffic on Houston’s busy West Loop.

It is not uncommon for someone under the influence of opiates to behave in a erratic fashion—being an EMT, I know of what I speak—sometimes ending in a display similar to the one you see here. Side note, this isn’t the first time a woman has decided to strip naked in Houston traffic. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the affinity for nudity, apparently.

Hopefully this angel gets her wings and gets the help she clearly needs.