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Watch This Speeding BMW Driver Have Himself a Nice Little Highway Crash

Instant karma's gonna get you.

There are countless reasons to save it for the track, but even if you’re too self-involved to care about public safety, the thought of mucking it up and crashing in front of everyone on the road (and in many cases, on the internet) to see should keep some of your more reckless impulses at bay. That’s why this video of a BMW driver whipping through a crowded highway at high speeds before losing it and wrecking is so very satisfying—there’s no guilt mixed in with the schadenfreude, because in the end he only takes himself out.

It’s a fact of life that there are certain stereotypes attached to drivers of certain brands, and while there are BMW drivers who stick to the speed limit and use their turn signals, this guy isn’t doing anything for the cause. He appears to have mounted a Go Pro-style camera to the sunroof of his E46 3 Series to record a high-speed, highly illegal jaunt down a public road. Starting at around 30 seconds, he merges onto a two-lane divided highway with no shoulder and absolutely floors it, weaving between cars at around 90 mph.

(Here’s another link if the video is taken down.)

But as he pushes it past 100, he changes lanes too sharply to avoid traffic and immediately begins to spin. He careens across the road, striking the guardrail on both sides and narrowly missing another car before sliding harmlessly to a stop. Compounding his idiocy is the fact that he’s not wearing a seatbelt, so he’s incredibly lucky the first impact didn’t toss him into the passenger’s seat and cause him to lose control entirely.

Remember: If you do a stupid thing in a car and record it, we will point at you and laugh. It’s the way of the Internet.