GMC Is Offering Free In-Car WiFi So People Can Work From Anywhere

The beach, the lake, your driveway, anywhere except your living room or actual office.

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Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, commute. That was everyday life until COVID-19 forced many out of their offices and into their homes. But as things begin to pivot back to normal, people are hungrier than ever to get outdoors, and that's exactly what GMC is lobbying for.

GMC launched its new "Work From Anywhere" campaign Thursday, which aims to inspire workers to get out of the house and turn their vehicles into their new office. How? By offering free in-car WiFi to the first 20,210 existing vehicle owners to enroll in the service.

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This will enable the vehicle's in-cabin 4G LTE hotspot, allowing people to get into their vehicles and drive to a remote destination to enjoy some new office scenery.

Now, some of you are reluctant to give up the comfy spot on the couch for a new four-wheeled desk, but check this out: A new study from Indeed shows that the line between work and home has become increasingly blurred during the pandemic. Many employees report working longer hours and feel the burn-out because they can't separate the home from work. And that's what GMC wants to change.

“We invite those feeling burned out to change their scenery," said Phil Brook, VP of Marketing at GMC. "Get outdoors and away from the home office, and enjoy the option to work from anywhere when safe to do so—whether it’s a getaway to a scenic location, a trip to their local park, or even their own driveway."

I recently got to spend some time with the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali and could see myself working out of that truck on occasion. A plush, comfortable interior coupled with a great sound system and the MultiPro tailgate with in-bed power to charge a laptop? Sign me up.

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Marketing campaign aside, the automaker is encouraging you to get out into the wild and experience new stress-relieving surroundings. Maybe head to the beach and listen to the waves while on a Zoom call, or perhaps a wide-open field while you work on that spreadsheet.

If this all sounds enticing and you need some ideas on just where to work, check out this long list of reader-supplied suggestions. Some of them are pretty good!

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