What’s Your Ideal Mobile Office?

Why not work from wherever the heck you feel like each day?

Over the last nine months or so, a sizable portion of the American workforce has learned two things. For one, yes, they can do their jobs from home perfectly well. And two, good God do their housemates swear a lot at the inconsequential. As nice a change a pace as it may have been, many of us now seek another change of scenery, one that perhaps could be answered by a workspace that can actually move around—like an Airstream travel trailer.

So today, with being elsewhere on our minds, we’re asking you: What’s your ideal mobile office?

2021 Airstream Flying Cloud 30 Office, Airstream

We ask this both in regards to the office itself—its amenities, atmosphere, and maybe architecture—and of course, the vehicle that moves it. Many people reading would be glad to use the new Airstream Flying Cloud 30 office shown above, which they could trailer out to BLM land, and work via cellular signal. The all-new floorplan features a dedicated workspace, which although may not look like more than a desk, it’s more about the overall setting. A decent-size workstation is surrounded by two large windows, providing plenty of natural light for all those Zoom meetings you might have nowadays. But most importantly, a nice view of whatever is outside, whether it be a downtown skyline or snow-capped mountains.

Lunch breaks could consist of hikes or weenie roasts, and video calls could be attended with a real campfire crackling in the background. At $107,500, it’s a pretty pricey way to set up a mobile workspace, but we asked ideal, not economical.

As for my personal ideal, anyone who has followed the influx of foamer content onto The Drive won’t be surprised to hear I’d work best aboard a train car meandering across the American countryside. Give me a comfy place to sit, solid wifi, and the soft ambiance of machinery, and it’ll put me in my happy place. I could amble down to the cafe car if I need a snack or a drink, and for inspiration, all I need is to look out the window. Come to think of it, that could get counterproductive since it would be tempting to look out the window constantly. It kind of makes you wonder how (or whether) CEOs get anything done in those gleaming corner offices.

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