GMC Acadia Stolen in Louisville Returned With ‘I’m Sorry’ Note

The vehicle reportedly went missing for three days before making its way back to the victim’s house undamaged.

byTalon Homer|
GMC Acadia Stolen in Louisville Returned With ‘I’m Sorry’ Note

Kentucky ABC-affiliate WHAS tells an unusual story about Pamela Barker, a Louisville librarian who reported her GMC Acadia stolen on Nov. 4. Barker quickly took to social media in an effort to find her missing car, hoping someone could identify it by its bumper stickers. The search turned out to be in vain three days later when she found it once again parked outside her house, this time with a handwritten note left by the suspected thief.


The note reads, "Sorry about your car. I broke into your car and found your car keys and drove. I'm really sorry because I understand how hard it is not to have a car so I brought it back. Once again sorry. I know this won't fix it but oh well. Much love for you."

WHAS confirmed with Louisville Police that the car was reported stolen on Nov. 4 and returned three days later. Barker also had rental car receipts from the time the vehicle was missing. Barker told the news agency that she was no longer concerned with finding a thief, given that the Acadia made its way back unscathed.

"I really think this person is just going through a hard time. But [they] brought it back so it's all good as far as I'm concerned. [They] made it right." Barker went on to tell WHAS, "I just feel such joy and gratitude because I could help somebody. [They] needed my car and [they] brought it back."

Should there be a search to identify and criminally charge the Acadia's borrower, or is this just a case of no harm, no foul? Let us know what you think.