Best GPS Speedometers: Efficiently Monitor Your Driving Speeds

Using a GPS speedometer helps you drive at the required speeds

byLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Robert Kimathi| UPDATED Aug 24, 2021 10:49 AM
Best GPS Speedometers: Efficiently Monitor Your Driving Speeds

When driving, you must be aware of the speed at which you are moving. The recommended maximum driving speed varies from place to place. A GPS speedometer displays your driving speed so you know what speed you are driving and can adjust accordingly. This gadget is an excellent addition to your vehicle that enables you to drive more efficiently. Below are some of the best GPS speedometers available.

Best Overall

 TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Digital GPS Speedometer


This GPS speedometer has a 2.2-inch LCD screen that also displays speed, mileage, direction, altitude, and the time. It works with all vehicles.


It features plug-and-play installation, and it's very small on your dashboard. It powers up quickly, the screen is easy to read, and it's reasonably-priced.


It may stop working prematurely, and the speed may not be 100 percent accurate. Some have had problems sticking it to the dashboard with the adhesive.

Best Value

LeaningTech Original Digital Universal Car HUD GPS Speedometer


If you are looking for an economical speedometer that will still work perfectly, consider this one from LeaningTech. It features a  green digital display on a black background for enhanced visibility. The gadget displays speeds in mph or kph and features a simple push-button for setting it up.


This device is out-of-the-box ready for plug-and-play installation, saving you time. It features an auto-adjust brightness sensor to ensure easy reading during the day or nighttime driving. Also, it’s over-speed alarm beeps for three seconds while flashing to ensure you are warned when speeding.


A significant lag by this speedometer to detect changes in small speeds may lead to inaccurate readings. It also erases all the data once turned off and does not remember the last trip’s data.

Honorable Mention

ELING Universal MPH GPS Speedometer Odometer


This GPS speedometer displays the vehicle's current speed and total mileage. It has a black faceplate and red backlight and can be mounted on or below the dashboard.


It's a good-quality gadget and is fairly simple to install. It is waterproof, dustproof, and is designed so it doesn't fog up. The company provides a one-year warranty.


It may take awhile for the unit to acquire a GPS signal. It periodically loses the connection and may not work well (or at all) if it doesn't have a clear view of the sky.

Benefits of GPS Speedometers

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  • Avoid tickets. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you may inadvertently surpass the speed limit from time to time. A GPS speedometer ensures that you're obeying local traffic laws.
  • Avoid costly repairs. If your vehicle's internal speedometer breaks or stops working, it can be costly to repair. Instead of spending a lot of money on an OEM replacement, purchase an aftermarket GPS speedometer instead.
  • Versatility. Many GPS speedometers display more than just driving speed. They also output mileage, voltage, engine RPM, and much more. Some even have advanced features such as brake performance tests.

Types of GPS Speedometers

Round Gauge

This type of GPS speedometer is intended to directly replace the unit that's currently in your vehicle, motorcycle, boat, etc. It's a round gauge, and you need to check the dimensions to make sure that it will fit properly in your dashboard panel. Most of these GPS speedometers are fairly basic when it comes to the features they provide.

HUD (Heads Up Display)

This type of speedometer is usually mounted on top of or underneath the dashboard. It can be round or rectangular in shape, and you don't need to remove your old speedometer for it to work. Some project driving data on the windshield, while others simply display it on the unit itself. Typically, these devices have numerous functions and modes to provide information such as engine RPM, water temperature, battery voltage, etc.

GPS Speedometer Pricing

  • $30-$80: Many GPS speedometers are reasonably-priced. Those on the lower end of the spectrum tend to have fewer features and are more simple in operation. More advanced units have a variety of modes and can be more complex when it comes to the interface.
  • $80 and up: Full system setups, such as the MOTOR METER RACING W Pro Series 6 Gauge Set GPS Speedometer, can be very costly. But they feature several gauges and are designed to create a custom look on your vehicle. 

Key Features


Many GPS speedometers are compatible with nearly all vehicles as well as motorcycles, ATVs, boats, etc. Many of them are plug-and-play installations, and you simply insert the cord into an auxiliary plug or a USB port for operation. However, some options/models only work on newer vehicles, so make sure to check before making a purchase.


If you're purchasing a GPS speedometer to directly replace a broken internal speedometer, it's critical that you check the dimensions to ensure that it fits properly into the dashboard panel. As for HUD units, they are designed to be small, but some are less conspicuous than others. Choose one that will not distract you if it's in your line of sight.


The whole reason for purchasing a GPS speedometer is to determine the exact speed that your vehicle is traveling. While all brands strive to be as accurate as possible, some are better than others. Also, some devices receive stronger signals than their rivals and are less likely to drop a signal.


Look for units that are made out of good-quality materials. Some are more durable than others because they are dustproof and waterproof. Others have anti-fog properties. The best way to determine if a device is well-built is by reading customer reviews and seeing what they say about the product's longevity.

Other Considerations

  • Added Features: Many GPS speedometers do much more than just calculate the driving speed. Several brands have high-tech features that alert you to the engine's RPM, battery voltage, and even the altitude in which you're traveling. These added features can be very convenient and keep you on the pulse when it comes to your vehicle's operation.
  • Appearance: If you're a car enthusiast, your vehicle’s aesthetics are very important. Some built-in GPS speedometers have very sleek designs and can really make your car's dashboard pop. There are also some HUD units that are pretty cool-looking. Or you may choose to get a device that’s small and unobtrusive so it doesn’t spoil the clean lines of your car’s interior. 

Best GPS Speedometers Reviews & Recommendations 2020

This device is more than just a GPS speedometer. It features a 2.2-inch LCD screen that displays vehicle speed, mileage, driving direction, altitude, the time of day, and more. It's compatible with all vehicles and features a low-voltage alarm and over-speed alarm. It easily switches from miles to kilometers.

It's easy to install: Simply plug it in and turn it on. The unit doesn't take up too much space on your dashboard, and the screen is just bright enough during the daytime and is excellent at night. The device powers up quickly and is very clear and easy to read, and it's a good value for the money.

However, there have been some complaints that the unit stops working after a short period of time. Also, the speed may be off by 4-6 miles per hour. You may also have problems sticking it to the dashboard with the adhesive.

LearningTech's speedometer has a green digital display on a black background, so it's easy to read. It displays speed in miles and kilometers and features a single push button for operation. It also computes total driving time and distance and is powered with a USB cable. The gadget is compatible with all cars and trucks.

The plug-and-play installation makes it a breeze to set up, and it's very simple to use. It has a sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display for better visibility at night and during the day. An over-speed alarm issues an audio and visual alert to warn you when you're speeding, and the instructions are very clear.

Unfortunately, it has a lag when you're speeding up or slowing down, which may produce false readings. Also, when you turn the unit off, all data is erased. Finally, every hour the Fatigue Driving Alarm kicks in, and it beeps very loudly. This feature can be annoying and cannot be disabled.

This no-frills GPS speedometer includes a GPS speed sensor and comes with a multi-plug socket and an installation manual. It's compatible with all types of vehicles, including boats and motorcycles, and shows the current speed as well as total mileage. It has a black faceplate, a red backlight, and can be mounted on or underneath the dashboard.

This speedometer has a good construction and is fairly straightforward to install. It is waterproof and dustproof and features curved glass with anti-fogging properties. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

One downside with this unit is that it's only an odometer, not a trip meter. It also loses the connection occasionally and works best if there's a clear view of the sky. It can also take a while to acquire a GPS signal.

The ACECAR F8 is designed for car enthusiasts and features a high-definition LCD screen that displays driving speed, engine RPM, fuel consumption, water temperature, voltage, turbine pressure, inlet pressure, and more. It also features an OBD diagnostic trouble code, a brake performance test, and engine data readings. 

This HUD is very easy to use and has simple plug-and-play installation. It features a single button that helps you navigate through different interfaces, and overall the display is very clear. When you speed, the beeps it makes are clear and repetitive, but they're not so persistent that it's annoying.The unit is also small, so it doesn't take up too much space on your dashboard, and it's very accurate. It has a very sleek and cool-looking design and adds character to your vehicle.

However, the OBDII mode is only compatible with 2008 vehicles and newer. It may also have some lag when displaying some information, and while you can change the color of the three sections where numerical values are displayed, you can't change the color of the gauges.

The ACECAR 3.5-inch HUD displays driving data on your windshield. This includes speed, mileage, engine RPM, voltage, water temperature, etc. It features several interface modes, such as manual brightness adjustment and a fatigue driving alarm. The OBDII mode is designed for vehicles that are a model year 2008 and newer.

This device has a simple layout, is easy to install, and has good visibility in both daylight and at night. It also has a good default view, so it's not necessary to adjust the settings if you don't want to. It's easy to angle it to get the best view and doesn't impede your line of sight when you're driving. Overall, it is accurate and responsive.

However, the OBDii mode is not compatible with certain vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles, diesel cars, and RVs. The instruction manual could be better, and you may experience a double image if you don't install the included reflective sheet. It can also be hard to read the display if you're wearing polarized sunglasses.

The ACECAR Upgrade T800 has a high-definition 4.3-inch LCD screen that displays speed, direction, RPM, mileage, water temperature, etc. It features a compass, low voltage alarm, and over-speed alarm, and it shows speed in miles and kilometers. The device turns on automatically with the vehicle ignition and is powered by a vehicle's power outlet/cigarette lighter. And since it's based on the internal GPS module, it's compatible with all vehicles.

The unit has an automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, so you don't have to worry about visibility in bright sunny conditions. The display is very clear, and the speed is accurate. The menu is easy to scroll through, and it has numerous settings and screens so you can customize it to your preferences.

One problem is it takes a couple of minutes once you start driving to display the speed until it makes a connection to the satellite. Also, it may take a little longer to connect to satellites on cloudy days. In addition, the adhesive used to attach it to the dashboard isn’t the greatest.

This waterproof GPS speedometer is designed for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and boats. In addition to speed, it displays the time (in a 24-hour format) and has a voltage indicator. The device has two bolts on the back that will mount to any flat surface.

This speedometer is very quick and simple to install. The speedometer receives a signal from the satellite and does not need to be calibrated when you set it up. It is backlit in green and has EEPROM memory, so it automatically stores data. It is dustproof and has a waterproof rating of IP65.

There are some problems, however. When you turn it off, it reverts to GMT regardless of how you set it, and you cannot reset the traveling distance. Also, the instructions are in very fine print and are difficult to read. It can also be hard to switch the functions when you're driving.

This six-gauge set is available in a blue/red digital display as well as a white or black dial. All gauges have a convex glass lens surface. The gauges display vehicle speed, voltage, fuel level, water temperature, oil pressure, and engine RPM. The speedometer is 85 mm and shows a range from 0-140 miles per hour.

This set comes with nearly everything you need for installation except the wiring. The gauges are good-quality, accurate, and easy to install. The backlighting is good and ranges from bright to dim. They look good and are great for restomod projects and custom applications and are popular with hotrodders and weekend racers.

One downside is the speedometer and tachometer may not be as big as you'd like and may be too small for some dashboards. Also, hooking up the mechanical cable can require some work.


  • Position your GPS speedometer in a strategic location where you can easily read it. Accessing the readings enables you to tell the speed at which you are driving. You can then adjust your speed if necessary.
  • Ensure that your speedometer lights are working when driving at night. The lights help enhance the device’s readability. With increased visibility, you can accurately tell your driving speed, enabling you to drive safely and efficiently.
  • Avoid exposing your speedometer to a lot of moisture. High moisture levels cause mist on the display, which inhibits clear visibility. Once its readability is compromised, you cannot accurately tell your driving speed.


Q: Do GPS speedometers have internal batteries?

A: Some GPS speedometers have batteries, while others do not. Inquire about the specific model you intend to buy if you prefer one with a battery.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the GPS antenna on a speedometer?

A: Yes, you can adjust your GPS antenna to the length that you prefer. The maximum length is, however, dependent on your particular device.

Q: Which is the best position to mount the GPS antenna on my car?

A: You should place the antenna in a position where it uninterruptedly faces the sky. This enables it to draw information from the satellite for accurate readings. 

Final Thoughts

The TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Digital GPS Speedometer is our top pick. It displays much more than just the vehicle's speed and is very simple to install. It's also really easy to read in the daytime as well as at night.

Our best value pick is the LeaningTech Original Digital Universal Car HUD GPS Speedometer, which is very affordable. Its display is well-calibrated and gives accurate readings.