Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers: Get A More Comfortable Grip

Decorate and protect your steering wheel with these leather covers

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BYLinsay Thomas, Norah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON September 9, 2021

If you have leather car seats, it feels natural to complement the rest of your vehicle’s upholstery with a leather cover. A leather steering wheel cover plays a crucial role in protecting your hands from constant friction as you drive and shielding your steering wheel from the harsh sunlight. Moreover, leather looks elegant and feels nice. Our buying guide features some of the best leather steering wheel covers that will make you feel good when you drive.

Best Overall
SEG Direct Steering Wheel Cover

SEG Direct Steering Wheel Cover

An extremely smooth microfiber leather steering wheel wrap for middle-sized steering wheels.
Decorates your steering wheel. Odorless. Non-toxic. Guards against normal wear. Available in a variety of colors. Comfortable and durable. Skid-proof design. Heat-resistant. Offers a stable fit on most steering wheels.
The stitching at the seams may come apart. Poor packaging. Not a snug fit on all steering wheels.
Best Value

BDK Leather Steering Wheel Cover

A 100 percent genuine leather cover with grip contours for a comfortable grip on long rides.
Affordable. Durable. Ergonomic design. Offers a secure grip. UV-resistant. Heat-resistant. Doesn’t crack or peel easily. The airbag is compatible. Anti-slip design. Easy installation. Offers extra control on bumpy roads.
Bubbles may form on the skin. May start to peel and tear after only two years. Stitching may come off with time.
Honorable Mention

Rueesh Steering Wheel Cover

A heavy-duty microfiber steering wheel cover that decorates and protects your steering wheel.
Eco-friendly and safe. Breathable. Odorless. Heavier than most steering wheel covers. Heat- and cold-resistant. Wear-resistant. Offers a firm grip of the steering wheel and better control of the road. Can be installed on heated steering wheels.
Difficult to install. Adds extra girth to the steering wheel. Not a universal fit. Embossed threading may be irritating.

Benefits of a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

  • Better grip. Genuine leather is non-slip and soft to the touch. It gives you a better grip while at the same time protects your hands from a hot or cold steering wheel. It’s the best cover for an old and slippery steering wheel for enhanced control.
  • High quality. Leather is by far the easiest to install and most durable type of steering wheel cover. That’s why it’s typically more expensive than plastic, synthetic, or rubber counterparts.
  • Driving comfort. Leather is soft to the touch and is the best material to cover a sharp, rugged steering wheel. It’s suitable for long drives, and some designs massage the palm to minimize driver fatigue. 
  • Improved style. Leather looks elegant in a vehicle’s interior. It can make an old car seem more attractive and hides the look of an old and rugged steering wheel. Leather steering wheel wraps look even better when paired with leather seat covers. 

Types of Leather Steering Wheel Covers

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is made from animal hides. It may be made of several layers of low-quality leather bonded together to enhance the properties of the material. These types of steering wheel covers are typically made from the same material that makes up most belts and shoes in malls and department stores. Genuine leather covers offer great grip, are breathable, soft, and resistant to weather changes.

Microfiber Leather

Microfiber is a high-end synthetic leather that mimics almost all the characteristics of real leather. Microfiber is more resistant to heat, chemical abrasions, and creasing in comparison to genuine leather. Also, the covers are engineered with chemicals that reduce the strange leather odor. It’s hard to distinguish it from real leather unless you read the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Top Brands


Rueesh was founded in 2006 by two engineers with the aim of producing top-notch automobile accessories for the industry. The company is online-based and all of its products are eco-friendly and backed with warranties. One of its best leather steering wheel wraps is the Rueesh Steering Wheel Cover.


BDK was founded in 1990 and produces and distributes vehicle interior design products from its facilities in California and New Jersey. The company specializes in car seat covers, car floor mats, and real leather steering wheel covers. One of its top-rated steering wheel covers is the BDK Leather Steering Wheel Cover.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover Pricing

  • Under $20: Most leather covers within this price range are made from microfiber leather. They come with versatile designs guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of your car’s interior. However, they aren’t very long-lasting and are designed to fit smaller vehicles.
  • $20 to $30: Expect to find mostly genuine leather covers within this price range. Most are longer lasting than microfiber and are suitable for extended driving. The higher-end versions may include high-tech, gel-filled padding to enhance driving comfort.
  • $30 and up: Expect to find genuine leather and real leather covers within this price range. The higher-priced versions are designed to be a custom fit for your vehicle. If you are paying this much, select a cover that has an extended lifespan.

Key Features


Confirm that the product dimensions for the new leather steering wheel cover match the size of your steering wheel for a snug and comfortable fit. Some universal fits may not fit in select vehicle steering wheels but are ideal for passenger cars. If the cover is too tight, it may rip at the seams with time, and if it’s too loose, it may affect steering wheel control.

Weather Resistance

Choose a cover that’s designed to resist extreme temperatures. Ideally, it should feel cool on the hands despite the changes in weather conditions. Light-colored covers are better at bouncing off UV rays and remain cooler for longer.


Choose an anti-slip cover for enhanced grip as you drive. Leather covers generally offer the best grip, but a contoured and embossed design offers better traction for controlling the steering wheel on bumpy roads and when negotiating corners.

Other Considerations

  • Driving Conditions: Consider your driving conditions and the type of weather you experience in the area where you live. Some covers have heaters built into them to keep your hands warm during the cold winter. Also, some have high-tech, gel-filled paddings designed to increase comfort during long drives.
  • Aesthetics: Choose a cover that compliments the interior look of your vehicle or one that matches your taste and preference. It should offer a full cover of the steering wheel to hide scratches and dents.

Best Leather Steering Wheel Cover Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The SEG Direct is a soft microfiber leather cover with a sporty design. It fits steering wheels with an external diameter of 14.5 to 15.25 inches. The cover is made with eco-friendly and odor-free raw materials. The cover material is soft, comfortable, and ideal for long drives. In addition, it’s weather-resistant and will keep cool in hot weather to prevent sweaty palms. It also won’t crack or peel in cold weather.

The cover is skid proof, and the textured exterior offers excellent grip throughout sharp turns. It also promotes driving ease without blistering or hurting your hands. Moreover, it protects your steering wheel from UV rays and friction wear. SEG Direct covers come in a wide variety of colors, even one that’s fitted with crystals, to decorate your steering wheel. You can also opt for a plain conservative color that doesn’t clash with your car’s interior.

A major drawback of the cover is that it isn’t reinforced with heavy-duty stitching at the seams. The seams may come apart after only two years of use or if you struggle to install the cover on a wheel that’s larger than 15 inches. Also, it fits loosely on wheels that are less than 15 inches. You may get a folded cover upon delivery, which is poor packaging, and it may take months before the folds disappear from the leather. 

The BDK steering wrap is made of 100 percent genuine leather featuring contoured edges and a soft-pebbled texture. The cover provides maximum comfort and a secure grip in daily commutes and long drives. The contours offer enhanced steering wheel control on rough terrain and hazardous conditions. It’s UV-resistant and protected from peeling, fading, and cracking, even under the most intense sun rays.

The cover is double stitched for enhanced durability and contains no strong odors or harmful chemicals. It’s also 100 percent airbag compatible and offers a snug fit on steering wheels with an outer diameter of 14.5 to 15.5 inches. The BDK cover is easy to install once you ensure that the measurement matches your steering wheel size.

Despite the fact that the cover is heat-resistant, that doesn’t prevent air bubbles from forming under its skin when the cover heats up. Moreover, it’s not a durable cover, and after a year or two, you may notice that the stitching comes apart. Also, the skin may start to flake and tear easily. It wears out faster if you use it on your daily commute.

The Rueesh microfiber leather steering wheel wrap is a middle-sized steering cover with a 15-inch diameter. Microfiber leather is breathable, and the design includes soft padding that massages your palms. It fits steering wheels with an outer diameter of 14.5 to 15 inches. The cover is about 100 grams heavier than most steering covers for enhanced comfort, stability, and durability. It also features an anti-slip matte finish and an embossed pattern for better grip and control.

The cover material is eco-friendly and safe. It produces no odors and neither does it trigger allergic reactions such as skin rashes. The cover is designed to last a long time since its wear, cold, and heat resistant. Moreover, in case you’re unsatisfied with the product, Rueesh offers a two-year, money-back guarantee.

However, you may have a hard time installing the cover on your own. You may have to ask someone to help you or heat up the cover with a blow dryer for easier installation. Also, it's a heavy cover that adds extra girth to the steering wheel. That may feel uncomfortable for people with small hands. It’s also not a universal fit for all 15-inch diameter steering wheels.

This is a stylish steering wheel cover that comes at an attractive price. It's made of genuine leather that not only feels soft under hands, but also looks good and has a long lifespan. The material allows for a superior grip and gives more control during rides. You'll be able to turn easily and with more confidence. 

The cover is suitable for mid-sized steering wheels that measure from 14.5 to 15 inches. The cover is extra-padded, breathable, and resistant to heat, cold, and wear. We find it ideal for both new and old steering wheels because of the outstanding quality and design. You can even pick a perfect model from several available colors and sizes. 

The installation might be a little tricky, though, because you can't just slip the cover over the wheel; you'll need to use heat from a hair dryer or some other device to make the material more pliable. After heating the material for several minutes, you should be able to put it on the steering wheel without any issues. As far as its design, some buyers didn't like the glossy part of the cover.

If you're looking for a comfortable and superior grip, this steering wheel cover might be perfect for you. It's specially designed to keep hands dry during rides by reducing sweat. The thick and breathable material feels soft, has a long lifespan, and protects the steering wheel from all kinds of wear.

Another great thing about this cover is that it provides a stable grip, giving you more control during turns. The material offers high traction while also being smooth and user-friendly. It also looks great over the steering wheel—all you need to do is pick the size and color that works best for you.

We still find that the cover doesn't always fit perfectly on all vehicle models. It's sometimes too large to go over thick steering wheels, leaving small gaps that feel awkward under hands. Some buyers also noticed that the stitching doesn't line up. Depending on the steering wheel type, some drivers might need to adjust the cover during installation to line up the stitching perfectly.

Made from high-quality genuine leather, this steering wheel cover is comfortable and long-lasting. It weighs 1.3 pounds and comes in three sizes, measuring from 14.5 to 16 inches to fit a wide range of steering wheels. It also meets the style of different interiors, considering it comes in many colors and patterns. 

When it comes to the efficiency of this cover, things are pretty simple. The genuine leather is soft, comfortable, and thick enough to provide a good grip. With it on, you'll have more control on the road and feel great even during extremely cold and hot weather. The material is odor-free and skid-proof and doesn't cause sweating. 

The main drawback to this product regards the shipping. The cover comes folded twice and tightly bound with saran wrap. That creates marks on the material, and even though they disappear after some time, most buyers find them aesthetically unpleasing. Another inconvenience might come from the lack of instructions. If you're installing a steering wheel cover for the first time, you might want to search for instructions online.

The Shiawasena steering wheel cover is well-made, durable, and elegant. It's made of high-quality leather that feels soft and ensures comfortable rides in any weather. The steering wheel cover also provides a secure grip and protects the wheel from wear, tear, and dents. You can even choose from 11 colors so the cover can complement your car's interior.

The cover comes in a universal size, measuring 15 inches. It's suitable for most steering wheels and fits tightly to prevent uncomfortable gaps. The material is breathable, safe, and environmentally friendly. The anti-slip matte coat gives a superior grip and makes the cover even more durable. All in all, the product is designed to last and make rides smooth and enjoyable.

However, keep in mind that the installation does take some time and effort. You'll need to warm up the cover so it can stretch and fit over the steering wheel. We also didn't like that the product comes folded in two, creating dents and marks difficult and sometimes even impossible to remove.

This particular model is made of microfiber leather and proves to be quite durable. The material is smooth and comfortable, ensuring excellent breathability and a secure grip during rides. It comes in a universal size and fits most wheels that measure from 14.5 to 15 inches.

The cover is designed to protect the wheel from dents and scratches. It's perfect for all weather conditions and looks great in every interior. There are even several fashionable colors to choose from, so you can complement your vehicle and make it look even more modern. Lastly, the cover is easy to install and offers a long lifespan.

This steering wheel cover does feel a little bulky. If you prefer thin and sleek material over your steering wheel, this might not be the option for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the stitching might tear in some places over time—it's not that noticeable but might cause premature aging of the cover.


  • You shouldn't machine-wash leather covers; they may crease, and the synthetic versions may shrink. Instead, wipe dirt and dust from the cover with a damp cloth. You can use leather shampoo to get rid of stubborn stains.
  • Heat up the inner layer of the steering wheel with a blow dryer to expand it for easy and fast installation. Heat up the cover evenly, and it will be easier to slide it on the steering wheel. Take care not to use too much heat as it may melt synthetic leather or an inner rubber lining.
  • Windshield and car window cover to protect the steering wheel cover from harsh UV rays that may discolor the fabric. Consider laminating your windows, and always put up the windshield cover if you plan on leaving your car parked outside for a long time.
  • Before buying a new leather cover, use a tape measure to measure the outer diameter and grip of your steering wheel. Then look for a cover that has slightly larger dimensions for a perfect fit.


Q: How long do leather steering wheel covers last?

A: It depends on the construction quality, how often you drive your car, and the environmental conditions. Genuine and real leather are the most durable and can last up to five years without showing signs of wear under proper care. Your steering wheel may wear out faster if it's exposed to harsh sunlight and rough handling. 

Q: What’s the ideal steering wheel cover size for a truck?

A: Most heavy-duty steering wheel covers for large vehicles such as RVs, trucks, and SUVs come in sizes ranging from 16 to 25 inches. Wheel covers with an outer diameter of 14 to 16 inches are recommended for middle-sized steering wheels in passenger and performance cars. Choose custom-made covers for your vehicle's year, make, and model if possible. 

Q: Are leather covers made from real animal skin?

A: Most leather steering wheel covers on the market aren't made from real animal hides. It's an expensive raw material to acquire, and some consumers aren't comfortable with using real animal leather for decorative purposes. That's why most manufacturers opt for synthetic leathers such as microfiber, which has similar properties to real leather. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for a high-quality leather cover that offers maximum grip for enhanced road safety is the SEG Direct Steering Wheel Cover. The cover is clean, classic, and maintains a stylish look in your car. It's also protected against damage by heat and UV rays. 

If you want to spend a little less, consider the Rueesh Steering Wheel Cover.

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