Best Baby Car Mirrors: Enhance Your View of the Back Seat

Monitor your child in the rear-facing seat with these safe and hassle-free baby car mirrors

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON August 17, 2021

If you have a baby under the age of three, then most likely you have a rear-facing car seat. While it keeps your baby safe, it can be hard to have an eye on your child as you drive. Fortunately, child rear view mirror attachments can help you monitor your kid. Since not all baby car mirrors are created equally, we have come up with a buying guide that spotlights some of the best car seat mirrors on the market.

Best Overall
Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

A rectangular mirror that offers a wide viewing angle of the baby and can be installed on the headrest and seat neck.
Has a minimalist design. Offers a wide viewing angle. Compatible with a wide range of car models. Made of shatterproof glass. Remains steady through car bumps. Easy to attach on the headrest. No assembly required.
Fragile plastic bracket and swivel ball. Not a tight fit on some detachable headrests. Poor customer support.
Best Value

Funbliss Baby Car Mirror

An affordable safety monitor that gives you a wide and panoramic view of your child in a rear-facing seat.
Made of shatterproof glass. Small and lightweight design. High clarity. Mounts easily. Includes a durable strapping system. Fully adjustable. Convenient for monitoring your child’s safety as you drive.
Vibrates even on a smooth road. May fall off when driving at high speeds. Limited viewing angle.
Honorable Mention

Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror

A fully adjustable and shatterproof mirror that can be strapped on the headrest for the best view of your baby.
Large-sized mirror. Includes double straps for a secure fit. Can move 360 degrees to offer the best viewing angle. Offers a crystal clear view. Made of strong material. US and EU crash tested. Includes a 100-percent money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.
Car vibrations may move the mirror. Can only attach on a detachable headrest. Tends to be bulky.

Benefits of a Baby Car Mirror

  • Peace of mind. You won’t have to fret over the condition of your child while you are driving. You will know every time your child has a blanket covering their eyes or is vomiting, sleeping, or choking on a snack. It provides a great sense of relief for parents who have their child in a rear-facing seat.
  • Stay focused on the road. Not knowing what your baby is doing can be a distraction while driving. You may turn your head from time to time or be forced to constantly call out to the baby to see how he or she is doing. One solution is installing a baby car mirror that works the same way as your rearview mirror. You don’t have to turn your head but can still communicate with your baby.
  • Monitor pets. You can use the mirrors to monitor your pets in the back seat. You can keep them from scratching and damaging your vehicle’s upholstery. 

Top Brands

Cozy Greens

Cozy Greens specializes in the design and distribution of high-quality childcare products aimed at improving the lives of children and their parents. Some of its products include back seat mirrors, back seat organizers, potty training equipment, car seat protectors, and step stools for babies. One of its best-rated infant car mirrors is the Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror.


Britax is a well-known company that specializes in a wide line of baby products that make kids more comfortable and safer. Britax was founded in 1966, and all of its products are made in the USA. The company is headquartered in South Carolina and sells its products worldwide. Some of its high-end products are strollers, baby car seats, and travel accessories. Try out the Britax Back Seat Mirror, which is one of its top-rated products.


Pikibu designs interior car mirrors that improve safety. The mirror designs are motivated by real parents, and the main goal of the company is to provide products that make the lives of parents easier by reducing the limitations they face when driving with their children. One of its best-selling car seat mirrors that offers a clear view of the baby in the rear seat is the Pikibu High-Clarity Baby Car Mirror.

Baby Car Mirror Pricing

  • Under $20: Mirrors within this price range are made of shatter-resistant glass with a wide-angle convex mirror. However, they don’t have the most durable designs; they can break from their mounts when kicked by the baby. Most only offer a service life of less than a year and are ideal for a child who’s about to outgrow a rear-facing seat.
  • Over $20: Much goes into making the pricier mirror options more durable, clear, and shatter-resistant. You can expect to use the mirrors within this price range for over two years, and the mirrors are typically backed with lifetime warranties. They also have stylish designs that compliment your vehicle's interior design.

Key Features


Buy a baby car mirror that’s compatible with your vehicle. Some models are only designed to mount on specific car types while other models only mount on detachable headrests. You don’t want to get stuck with a mirror that doesn’t fit in your car because you may be forced to improvise by taping it down, which can look ugly.


The best baby rearview mirror is made of convex glass, which offers a wide viewing angle. Also, choose a mirror made of shatterproof acrylic glass. You will be sure that your baby is safe in case the mirror falls. Shatter-resistant glass doesn’t break into tiny pieces that may injure the baby.

Other Considerations

  • Adjustability: Select a mirror that comes with a rotating pivot point, which allows you to adjust the viewing angle without detaching the mirror. An adjustable mirror offers you comfort, so you don’t have to strain your neck. Also, ensure that the pivot is unbreakable.
  • Clarity:  Don’t choose a cheap plastic mirror as it may get scratched, smudgy, or become blurry within the first few months of use. Choose a high-quality and high-clarity mirror for the best view between you and your baby while you are driving.
  • Stability. You need a mirror that firmly attaches to the headrest and never moves from the installed position even when you are driving at high speeds. The best back seat baby mirror comes with high-strength nylon straps with clips for a strong and secure attachment.
  • Warranty: Give priority to products that come with a warranty or manufacturer's satisfaction guarantee. It allows you to return the product for a replacement or refund in case you’re not satisfied with the purchase.

Best Baby Car Mirror Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Shynerk full convex mirror offers a wide view of the infant and surrounding areas of your car’s cabin. The mirror is fitted with a strong, 360-degree ball and socket joint that allows you to turn the mirror in multiple angles. It includes nylon straps and buckles at the back of the mirror for easy installation. It also fits on the seat neck if your headrests are too wide for the straps. You can install the mirror in just minutes.

The mirror measures 11.8 by 7.4 inches and is made from acrylic safety glass, which is shatterproof. It is lightweight, and the back of the mirror is further reinforced with high-quality black polymer plastic that holds the mirror firmly in place. The unit fits on most cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks, and can be installed on both detachable and non-detachable headrests.

However, this Shynerk mirror has a few drawbacks. It has a fragile back bracket and swivel ball that breaks easily when the mirror drops or when it’s kicked. It’s also not a tight fit on some detachable headrests and may make a squeaky noise when the vehicle moves. Moreover, if you get a defective product, you may have a hard time getting in touch with the manufacturer for a replacement.

This is a lightweight and break-resistant mirror with a PMMA unbreakable lens and a durable ABS plastic frame. It has a wide-angle convex mirror measuring seven by 9.7 inches that fits perfectly on almost all headrests. In addition, the mirror is fully adjustable with a 360-degree pivoting adjustable bracket.

The unit comes fully assembled for easy and quick installation. It also includes double strap mounts that are reinforced with heavy-duty stitching to keep the unit steady when it is locked behind the headrest. It’s one of the top mirrors for keeping an eye on pets and children.

A major drawback of the mirror is that it doesn’t offer a full view of the baby from head to toe. It may vibrate consistently in some car models, even on a smooth road. It may also fall off when driving at high speeds. In addition, it has a weak mount, and if the baby can reach it with his feet, he may break it off its handle. It may hurt the infant if it falls on her or him.

This Cozy Greens baby mirror measures 11.5 by 7.5 inches, which gives a crystal clear view of your baby in a rear-facing seat from head to toe. Its large convex lens works by reflecting the view to your rearview mirror to give you a clear picture of what’s happening behind you. It’s highly shatterproof and has passed a 45-mph European crash test.

It has a durable, 360-degree adjustable ball joint that allows you to adjust the mirror in any angle for a better picture of your infant. The unit also includes Cozy Green’s Super Secure Strap System that keeps the mirror tightly secured when the vehicle is in motion. The mirror comes fully assembled and can be installed in under a minute. The manufacturer also includes a microfiber cleaning cloth.

However, the mirror can only be attached to detachable headrests. It may also move to a lower position every time the car vibrates or hits a bump or pothole. That can get frustrating since you may be forced to stop the car and readjust the mirror. It may also be considered bulky for the headrest in the rear passenger seat.


  • Before you install the mirror, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to safely do so. That will help keep the little one safe from a falling mirror in case you hit a hard bump or hit the brakes.
  • You may struggle to get the mirror in the best viewing position if you adjust it by yourself. Ask someone to help you adjust it on the rear seat as you sit in the driver’s seat to find the best angle.
  • Use a soft cloth and an alcohol-based solution to clean the lens and get the best clarity. Then buff the mirror with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove any streaks left by the cleaner. Do not wipe it with a paper towel as it may scratch the glass or leave some lint on the surface.


Q: How much of the back seat does the baby mirror cover?

A: It depends on the size of the mirror and the curve design. A curvier lens on a large mirror typically gives a wider view of the back seat. It can show the baby from head to toe, the door, and space next to the rear-facing car seat. If you install the mirror in the middle of the back seat, then you may get a full view of what’s happening behind you when you’re driving. You could also position two mirrors in the rear seats if you have two children. In that case, however, you’d have to upgrade to a larger rearview mirror.

Q: Will any baby car mirror work in my car?

A: Not all car seat mirrors are universal, and some may not fit in your vehicle. It’s harder to install the mirror if your car doesn’t have a headrest on the back seat. Most units are designed to only fit on adjustable headrests and attach to the opening at the bottom of the headrest. However, the units have adjustable straps, and if you play around with the mirror, it may fit on any headrest as long as you are working with durable and flexible straps.

Q: Is a baby car seat mirror safe?

A: Car seat mirrors are safe for the baby as long as they are properly fitted and made of shatterproof acrylic glass. If you have a mirror that’s crash-tested to meet the latest US and EU standards, then you know that it’s one of the safest products. You can guarantee your baby’s safety even more by ensuring that the car seat mirror isn’t within reach of the baby and by buying a product that’s a perfect fit for your car’s headrest.

Q: Will my baby see me in the mirror?

A: Yes, he will. It works both ways. As long as you can see the baby, then he can see you too. If you can see your baby’s face, then you know that you have installed the mirror correctly. It will also help keep your baby calm since he can see you throughout the drive. Just remember to focus on the road and not constantly glance at your baby. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best back seat mirror for babies is the Shynerk Baby Car Mirror. It comes fully assembled, installs within seconds, and offers a clear view of the little one. 

One of the cheapest baby views mirrors for cars is the Funbliss Baby Car Mirror. It’s an affordable product made of glass that’s resistant to breaking.

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