The Best Upholstery Cleaner Machines (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Make your furniture and upholstery look brand new with these high-performance upholstery cleaning machines

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BY Lisa Conant / LAST UPDATED ON December 21, 2020

There’s something so satisfying about getting beautiful, new, clean furniture in your home, or seeing pristinely clean upholstery in a new car or truck, boat, or RV. Unfortunately, for many of us, that level of spot-free and stain-free clean is often short-lived, thanks to frequent use by kids, adults, and pets, and accidents that are bound to happen with food or beverages that are consumed on or around the upholstery.


This is when investing in your upholstery cleaner machine is a good idea. They’re a great option for people who want to have the option to clean stains whenever they want, or for people who have upholstery that endures a lot of use and high-traffic, getting dirty quickly. Oftentimes, great upholstery cleaner machines aren’t just for furniture and car seats, but also work great with carpets and rugs. In our comprehensive review and buying guide, we’ll enlighten you as to exactly what to look for if you’re considering buying your upholstery cleaner machine.

Best Overall
Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

This is Bissell’s most powerful portable at-home stain and spot remover for upholstery, carpets, stairs, office furniture, vehicle interiors, and more.

  • Strong brushing and suction power will remove almost any stain
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable housing and components
  • Unit is not cordless, so not as portable as some others
  • Not hands-free spot cleaning option.
Best Overall
Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner
Best Value
McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

This upholstery cleaner machine cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemical cleaners by using ultra-hot, pressured steam to effectively and safely remove stains, grease, mold, and dirt from a variety of different surfaces.

  • Not only cleans but sanitizes surfaces too
  • Can work on a variety of different surfaces, including wood, tile, grout, metal, and upholstery
  • Can cause injuries or burns if used incorrectly
  • Steam can be damaging to materials over time and can shorten the lifespan of your upholstery
Best Value
McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner
Honorable Mention
Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner

At 8.4 pounds, this machine is easy to carry around and move from place to place. It has a 15-foot power cord, 6.5-foot extension hose, and 15 tools and accessories.

  • Streamlined and sleek looking
  • Cleans upholstery, wood, laminate, ceramic tile, granite, and more
  • 45 minutes of continuous steam
  • Long-term durability of accessories isn't very good
  • May damage some types of fabric due to high heat
Honorable Mention
Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner
Woman Cleaning With Upholstery Cleaner Machine

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Benefits of Upholstery Cleaner Machine

  • Portable. One of the best advantages of upholstery cleaner machines are that they’re highly portable. They can easily go anywhere in your house without you having to worry about straining your back or tripping on cumbersome cords and equipment. They also have the benefit of being able to be used to clean your car’s upholstery, or take it to your office, or workshop, or lend it to a friend or family member.
  • Compact. Today’s home upholstery cleaning machines are extremely space-saving and compact. This is great for people who are limited in storage space and don’t want a large, vacuum-sized upholstery cleaner taking up valuable room in their home.
  • Lightweight. Due to the fact that the modern upholstery cleaning machine is so compact and portable, they also have the benefit of being lightweight, making them an easy-to-use and versatile choice for almost anyone, including people with physical limitations.
  • Extends furniture life. By providing a thorough and effective removal of stains and dirt from your furniture and carpet fabrics, upholstery cleaning machines help to slow the breakdown of fabrics and prolong their lifespan.
  • Keeps furniture looking newer longer. Upholstery cleaning machines help you maintain that just-bought look in your furniture and carpets. Messes can get out of control and compound quickly, so the regular use of an upholstery cleaner machine will ensure they don’t get out of hand and detract from the clean aesthetic of your home.
  • Saves money. By giving you the option to be able to clean your home’s furniture and carpets yourself, a compact upholstery cleaning machine can save you money over having to have your rugs and furniture professionally cleaned.

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Types of Upholstery Cleaner Machines

Upright Upholstery Cleaner Machines

These machines are designed just like the typical upright vacuums and are more designed for carpet cleaning than for upholstery. They have wide, motorized, rotating brushes that thoroughly scrub carpet and draw out dirt and stains. Many of these will have handheld attachments that allow you to clean upholstery in the same manner, with handheld rotating brushes that scrub and remove dirt. They’re an excellent option if you have lots of carpeting and upholstery cleaning is your secondary concern.

Handheld Portable Upholstery Cleaner Machines

These upholstery cleaners are the best models for focusing mainly on cleaning furniture, fabrics, automobile interiors, and the like. They’re lightweight and compact, making them great options for storing at homes and can be easily moved around from room to room to clean sofa cushions, carpets, chairs, even draperies. They’re typically less expensive than larger carpet cleaners with upholstery attachments and are a great option for spot cleaning. They also come in corded or cordless models, depending on your preference.

Steam Cleaner Machines

Steam cleaner machines are the best for truly killing bacteria and germs and disinfecting surfaces. They’re super versatile because they’re suitable for use on sealed hardwood flooring, laminates, granite, ceramic tile, grout, carpets, upholstery, appliances, and more. The main concern with using a steam cleaner on your upholstery is that the temperature of the steam may be too hot and can degrade the integrity of the fabric, actually damaging it or causing it to have a shorter lifespan, so use these machines on upholstery with great care and maybe reserve them for tougher, more durable fabrics. Don’t use these to clean your vintage Victorian settee.

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Top Brands


Probably the most well known name in at-home carpet and upholstery cleaning, Bissell has been manufacturing and innovating reliable cleaning products since 1876, and boasts America’s first female CEO. Some of its top products include the Bissell Big Green® Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner and the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser™ Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner.


Hoover is another long-time and well-respected manufacturer of vacuums and cleaning appliances. W.H. Hoover bought the first patent to the vacuum back in 1908. Today Hoover makes reliable products like the LiNX Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum and the ONEPWR Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum

Rug Doctor 

Founded by a professional carpet cleaner in Fresno, Calif. more than 43 years ago, Rug Doctor has been providing people with the means to obtain a professional-level clean at home without a professional-level price. Some of its more well-known models are the Rug Doctor FlexClean All In One Floor Cleaner and the Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner.

Upholstery Cleaner Machine Pricing

  • Under $200: This price range will get you most portable, handheld upholstery spot cleaners that are currently on the market. Smaller, more compact and lightweight models that can do everyday limited cleaning. Most steam cleaners will be in this price range also.
  • $200-$350: In this price range, you will find higher-end spot cleaners, but also larger and more rugged upright carpet and upholstery cleaners that are designed for larger jobs, like cleaning an entire room’s worth of carpet and stairs. 
  • $350 and up: This is the price range in which you will find professional-grade upholstery cleaners and higher-end manufactured upright upholstery cleaning machines. These are designed for serious cleaning and major volume.

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Key Features

Easy To Use

A good upholstery cleaning machine should be relatively straightforward and intuitive to use. It shouldn’t have a ton of extraneous steps or convoluted processes to fill the water and cleaning solution and get you started on the cleaning process. Fill lines and detergent levels should be easy to see, tanks should be easy to remove for filling and emptying, and filters should be easy to reach. 

Good Cleaning Performance

This is one of the most important features to look for when purchasing an upholstery cleaning machine, because who wants to buy a machine that isn’t going to give you the best clean? Your cleaning machine should be able to effectively and completely remove old, tough, dried stains and dirt like food, wine, oils, etc. It should be able to do this with 10-12 passes of the brush. Anything more than that is a lot more effort than should be necessary for a strong and powerful cleaner. 

Compact Design

If you’re looking for an in-home upholstery cleaner, thanks to advances in technology, newer models are powerful and compact, allowing you to store them in small spaces and easily move them from one location to another. Smaller brush heads will be able to get into tighter spots on furniture and automobile interiors, giving you a more thorough and all-encompassing clean. 


Consider purchasing an upholstery cleaner machine that can clean multiple types of fabric without damaging them. A good machine will clean rugs, carpets, draperies, car interiors, and higher-end furniture fabrics, giving you a lot of different options for items that you can effectively clean with it. 

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Other Considerations

  • Budget. This is important for many consumers. How much you’re comfortable spending on an upholstery cleaner machine can greatly help you narrow down your choices in a sea of options. If you have a lot of stuff that needs cleaning or plan to clean very frequently, consider purchasing a more rugged and durable cleaner that may be on the more expensive side, but that will deliver the level of cleaning you want for a longer period of time than some cleaners that are simply meant for occasional spot cleaning.
  • Water Tank Capacity. This plays a role in how much upholstery you want to clean before you have to change out the dirty water and add more cleaning solution. If you’re going to do small jobs, the size of the water tanks doesn’t matter as much as if you’re going to thoroughly clean multiple pieces of furniture and large areas of carpet. You don’t want to have to be constantly changing your water in the middle of a bigger job. 
  • Accessory Tools. This isn’t such a huge consideration as some others, but different accessory tools and attachments make your upholstery cleaner machine more versatile by giving you more options when it comes to approaching stains and how to eradicate them. Some tools that allow you to reach deep into crevices and awkwardly shaped spaces may come in very handy depending on the design of your furniture and upholstered items.

Best Upholstery Cleaner Machine Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

When it comes to the best overall upholstery cleaner machine, the obvious and no-contest choice is the Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner. This company has been manufacturing and reinventing durable and reliable upholstery cleaning machines for decades, both for at home and professional use. This is Bissell’s most powerful portable at-home stain and spot remover for upholstery, carpets, stairs, office furniture, vehicle interiors, and more. This tough upholstery cleaner machine uses a professional cleaning solution and strong, high-density bristled brushes and superior suction power to scrub and deep clean stubborn dirt, pet stains, and food and beverage spills to leave your upholstery looking new again. 

This system comes equipped with a large 6-inch stair tool that has a wide cleaning path, making stair cleaning a cinch. It also features a 3-inch stain tool, for precise and thorough cleaning of stains of any size, and a trial-size bottle of Pro Max Clean and Protect Formula, one of the strongest cleaners you can buy. One thing to note about this unit is that it is corded, so you will have to mind yourself around the cord, and it doesn’t come with a hands-free cleaning option like some other models. 

Best Value
McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

If you’re looking for a more natural, but still thorough clean, the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is the choice for you. This upholstery cleaner machine cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemical cleaners by using ultra-hot, pressured steam to effectively and safely remove stains, grease, mold, and dirt from a variety of different surfaces, including fabrics, carpets, ceramic tile, granite, grout, laminate, appliances, metals, and more. 

It comes equipped with a large, 48-ounce water tank that can be fully heated in under 8 minutes to give you up to 45 minutes of steam cleaning. It features 18 versatile attachments and accessories to give you a completely customized and precise cleaning. They include a floor mop and mop pads, squeegee, scrub pad, nylon brushes, brass brush, and more. You also get an extra-long 15.7-foot power cord and a 9-foot steam hose to allow you to get into those hard-to-reach places. A word of caution, cleaning with steam is extremely hot and can burn or scald quickly, so take care with this unit around yourself, pets, and children while using it. Also, be aware that it is a little louder than some other models currently available.

Best Lightweight
Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner

When it comes to a streamlined, sleek, and lightweight steam cleaner, the Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner is our favorite. Weighing in at only 8.4 pounds, it’s super easy to maneuver and carry this cleaner machine from one place to another. It features a 15-foot power cord that wraps neatly up for storage, a handy carrying handle, and a 6.5-foot extension hose for long reach. You get 15 versatile tools and accessories that allow you to effectively clean sealed wood flooring, upholstery, laminates, ceramic tile, granite, grout, and more. 

The large capacity 48-ounce water tank heats up in less than 8 minutes and gives you an impressive 45 minutes of continuous steam that will effectively kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria, leaving your home truly clean. This upholstery cleaner machine even comes backed by an impressive two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is great since there is some concern over the long-term durability of some of the cleaning attachments. Also, be cautious using steam cleaners on less durable upholstery fabrics, as they have the potential to damage the integrity of the fabric due to high heat exposure.

Most Versatile
Vacmaster Wet Dry 3 in 1 Portable Carpet Cleaner

The Vacmaster Wet Dry 3 in 1 Portable Carpet Cleaner gets a shout out for being one of the most versatile upholstery cleaner machines on our list. With a super powerful motor, this machine can handle tough messes that others can’t. It’s an excellent option for cleaning upholstery and sofas, automobile interiors, carpets, rugs, stairs, and more. It features a super-large 8-gallon capacity tank and an external detergent tank for easy filling. Equipped with a high-efficiency HEPA filtration systems and a washable PTFE cartridge filter, this unit can remove up to 99.97 percent of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns. It also features a high-density foam filter for wet cleaning. 

This cleaner machine functions as an upholstery shampooer, a dry vacuum, and a wet vacuum to allow you to clean up just about any mess in your home, office, workshop, garage, and more. It has a diverse accessory kit that includes a stainless steel telescopic extension tube, hand-held lance, carpet lance, different nozzle attachments, and more. This is one of the larger upholstery cleaner machines on our list, and what you get for in power, you pay for in compact size and portability. This unit is more cumbersome and tougher to transport than others on the market.

Honorable Mention
Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner

For our friends with pets, the Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner is a must-have. Every Bissell purchase helps to save a pet, thanks to the charitable work done by the Bissell Pet Foundation. This lightweight and easy-to-use upholstery cleaner features a clean tank capacity of 30.6 ounces and a dirty tank capacity of 29.2 ounces, so it’s perfect for smaller jobs and stain removal. As an added bonus, it allows you to remove many spots hands-free since the cleaner does all the scrubbing for you.

It’s equipped with preset cleaning cycles that automatically spray, scrub, and suction up tough food, beverage, and pet stains. You just set the unit on top of the stain and push the button to let the machine do its job quickly and thoroughly. This unit also comes equipped with a 3-inch hand tool for getting into tough spaces. One thing to note is that the hose to the hand tool can tend to get a bit brittle from exposure to cleaning chemicals, so try to flush it out after use to improve its longevity.

Honorable Mention
Hoover BH12010 ONEPWR Spotless GO Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner

If you’re looking for a  lightweight, portable upholstery cleaner that combines power with a low price tag, the Hoover BH12010 ONEPWR Spotless GO Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner is a great choice. This cordless unit can tackle spills, pet messes, and dirt anywhere in your home quickly and efficiently. It features a removable and rechargeable ONEPWR battery that delivers fade-free power and is compatible with any ONEPWR product for the ultimate in versatility. 

Dual tanks keep cleaning solution and dirty water separate so you can easily fill, empty, and rinse when necessary. The specially designed Hoover cleaning solution requires no mixing and is ready to tackle almost any stain you can imagine. The system comes equipped with a 4-inch scrubbing tool, removable hose, 2.0 Ah ONEPWR battery, a charger, and a trial-size solution. One thing to note is to be careful not to knock over the unit, as the cleaning solution may accidentally run into the motor's compartment and damage it.

Honorable Mention
Rug Doctor Wherever They Occur Cleaner

When it comes to a rugged, everyday cleaner, the Rug Doctor Wherever They Occur Cleaner has got you covered. This compact cleaner weighs 15 pounds and can hold up to 64-ounces of cleaning solution. It’s water tanks are removable for easy filling and emptying. This unit features a powerful handheld motorized oscillating brush that scrubs at an impressive 1,200 movements per minute, giving you twice the cleaning and suction power of some other models.

It is equipped with a well-designed retractable handle, a 5.5-foot hose, and carpet friendly wheels for easy maneuverability. It’s an ideal upholstery cleaner machine for your home, car, or office. This unit is a little bulkier than some others, and without a hands-free cleaning option, it will still require some elbow grease on your part to effectively remove stains. 


  • When cleaning, don’t overdo it with the cleaning solution. Some of the cleaning chemicals are pretty strong and can wreak havoc on the components of your upholstery cleaner machine, causing it to malfunction too soon.
  • Be sure to occasionally clean hoses, brushes, filters, and the suction gate of your upholstery cleaner machine in order to remove mineral build-up and promote efficient function of all your cleaner’s parts.
  • Using distilled water to mix with our cleaning solution will help discourage the build-up of chemicals and damaging residue inside the cleaner machine.
  • Always pre-vacuum upholstered furniture and carpets prior to using your upholstery cleaning machine to ensure that you remove any surface dirt, dust, or hair and don’t spread it around more with the cleaning machine, thus causing your upholstery cleaner to work harder than it needs to.
  • When cleaning tough stains, it’s better to use a back and forth scrubbing motion than a circular one. This tends to lift the stains faster and with less effort. Giving occasional squirts of extra cleaning solution every so often will further aid in the stain removal process.


Q. How often should I clean my upholstery cleaning machine?

This greatly depends on the amount of use your upholstery cleaning machine gets. At the very least, you should thoroughly rinse all tanks and hoses at the end of each use to avoid chemical build-up and degradation. If you only use your machine occasionally, you should go through and examine all filters and parts and give them a thorough cleaning at least once per year. If you’re a more frequent user, let’s say weekly, you should clean your machine once every 3 months. 

Q. How long does it take for upholstery to dry after cleaning?

On average, upholstery can take up to 4-5 hours to dry completely, during which time, you will not want anyone sitting on or using the upholstery. Other fabrics, like draperies and mattresses, usually dry much faster and can be used within an hour of cleaning. 

Q. What should I do if I apply too much cleaning solution?

If this happens, it can quickly lead to more stains and a huge headache, so stop the shampooing process and try to blot up as much cleaner as you can with an absorbent cloth or towel. Provide a thorough rinse to the upholstery and try to suck up as much as you can before running a drying cycle. If necessary, rinse and blot twice.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge and know-how to make an informed selection of an upholstery cleaner machine, once you’ve decided on one, whether it’s the Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner, the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner, or another model, let us know in the comments what you love about your selection or what you’d like to see done differently. We love to hear from you.