Best Garage Paints: Give Your Garage the Professional Finish

Improve the look of your garage with an epoxy paint coating

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PUBLISHED ON January 28, 2020

Painting your garage floor can improve the look of your garage while making it easier to clean. You don’t want to use standard wall paint, though. Regular paint will chip or peel off. An epoxy paint designed for concrete will adhere to your garage floor for lasting good looks. You’ll be able to drive on it or store equipment without worrying about damage to your new finish. Consider one of these epoxy paint coatings for your garage floor. 

  • Best Overall
    Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kit

    This is a two-step process that will coat your garage floor in epoxy. The final product is a professional-looking finish in gray. One kit covers up to 250 square feet.


    The epoxy won’t get picked up and separate from the concrete if you park hot tires on it. It’s also low odor and VOC.


    If you don’t follow the directions perfectly, you risk the epoxy peeling. Hot tires can  leave marks on the epoxy. One kit won’t cover a two-car garage.

  • Best Value
    UNITED GILSONITE Epoxy Semi-Gloss Floor Paint

    Paint your garage floor with Drylok so that it has a semi-gloss finish and chemical resistance. The advanced epoxy formula is hot tire resistant and designed for a high traffic area.


    This formula is low VOC and cleans up with water. You can also store the unused portion.


    This product is more like paint than epoxy. This makes it not as resilient as more epoxy-based paints. You may also find that it gets black marks easily from hot tires.

  • Honorable Mention
    SUPERCOAT Slate Gray Epoxy Floor Coating

    Perform the two-step process of this water-based epoxy coating for a long-lasting garage floor coating. There are six colors to choose from: ivory, slate gray, cobalt blue, firebrick red, sandstone, and stone gray.


    This epoxy formulation is breathable to allow moisture vapor to pass through. It’s also resistant to vehicle fluids.


    It’s smart to order more than you think you’ll need, as it doesn’t cover the square footage claimed. It can also be slippery if your garage floor gets wet.

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  • You have a few options when it comes to the color and pattern of your garage paint. The most common is gray, but you could also pick white, black, blue, red, or tan. Then you need to think about whether you want a plain color or a flake in it. 
  • No matter what paint you choose, it’s vital that you prep your garage floor correctly. If you skip this step, you won’t get the lasting finish that you want. Thoroughly clean, dry, and scuff the floor. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions. 
  • Pay attention to the amount of moisture coming through your concrete floor. The more moisture, the more risk there is for bubbling and peeling. You can buy an epoxy coating designed for high moisture areas to account for this. 


Q: How long will my new paint job last?

A: You can expect to get one to two years out of a garage floor paint. If the paint is one part epoxy, it will last longer. For the longest useful life of three to five years, choose an epoxy coating. Coatings that are more paint and less epoxy require more frequent touch-ups. If you live in a warm or humid climate, you need to choose a coating formulated for this for longer wear. 

Q: How do I maintain my new floor?

A: You should sweep or dry mop your floor once a week. This will keep it dirt-free. For a stronger clean, mix dish soap with water and use a foam mop. Use this mixture on paint formulations. Don’t use it on epoxy-based formulas, as it will cloud the glossy finish. Ammonia and warm water dilution will work better. 

Q: How do I know how much to order?

A: Start by figuring out the square footage of your garage. Measure the length and width and multiply them together. This is an estimation of how much you’ll need to cover your floor. It’s smart to factor in 20 percent extra paint. Rough patches will require more paint than what you initially plan. You also want to have enough readily available for your second coat. Then there is the temperature to think about. Cold temperatures cause your paint to thicken, which will result in smaller square footage coverage. 

Final Thoughts

The Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kit is a high-quality epoxy coating that will make your garage floor look beautiful.

The UNITED GILSONITE Epoxy Semi-Gloss Floor Paint is a smart choice for someone on a budget.