Best Car Sun Shades for Babies: A Protective Shield for the Window

Great options for keeping your baby cool during long drives

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PUBLISHED ON November 13, 2019

It’s frustrating to look behind you in the car and see your child sweating from heat or hearing them complain about being too warm. It’s even worse if you have to stop to adjust his or her sitting position. If you find yourself in such a situation when traveling with your baby, consider using one of the car shades in our buying guide to make your baby more comfortable.


  • Best Overall
    Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade
    Four pieces of semi-transparent and transparent sun shades for the baby measuring 20 by 12 inches.
    Designed with both UV blockers and absorbers. Keeps the car cool. Folds to a compact profile. Storage pouch included. It can fit any window size. The static film is easy to apply and remove.
    May not cover the full passenger seat window. They may fall off the window on bumpy terrain.
  • Best Value
    COZY GREENS Car Window Shade
    An inexpensive three-pack of baby side-window shades measuring 21 by 14 inches.
    Protects from UV rays and sun glare. Help keep the baby’s skin cool and prevents sunburns. Maintains safe visibility for driving. It has a static film that clings on the window without suction cups. It can be folded when not in use.
    May be too large for most passenger cars. The frame doesn’t lay flat on curved windows.
  • Honorable Mention
    Enovoe Car Window Shade
    A four-pack of cling sun shades measuring 21 by 14 inches that protects your baby from UV rays.
    Protects from sun glare and heat. Ninety-seven percent UV protected. Mesh design maintains visibility for the driver. Fits most car windows. Made of premium materials to guarantee durability.
    The frames may break when it’s being folded. May be too large on the rear window on some passenger vehicles.

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  • Wipe the car window with a damp cloth before attaching a sunshade. Or better yet, always keep a pack of wet wipes in your car.
  • After installing the sunshade, go to the driver’s seat and confirm that it doesn’t block your visibility from any angles when driving. 
  • Choose a plain design on your car window shade. Your baby may not try to grab it versus one that includes fun cartoon drawings. 
  • If you plan to leave your car in the sun for a while on a hot day, leave the car sun shades on the windows and use a windshield cover. Your car will be somewhat cooler when you return.
  • Buy a pair of baby sunglasses to protect your baby’s eyes if they are at an age where they can wear them. 


Q: How do I know if a car shade is suitable for my vehicle model?

A: Unfortunately, most car window shades aren’t differentiated by vehicle type. Get the exact measurements of the product and compare it to the size of your car window. Use a tape measure for the dimensions of your window (length and width) and choose a model that fits within those dimensions.

Q: Is it safe to use car window shades on tinted windows?

A: You can as long as it doesn’t block your vision. Car tints protect you from the heat outside only to some degree, and most aren’t UV protected. Adding an extra layer of a car window shade is a great way of ensuring that your baby stays cool in the car, even when the sun is blazing hot outside. 

Q: Do I have to remove the car shade when rolling down the window?

A: You can't roll down the window when the car shade is attached to it. It won’t roll into the door frame, and the sunshade may crease or get jammed. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade. It offers superb sun and UV protection and will help keep your baby calm while you’re driving. 

A more affordable baby car window shade is the COZY GREENS Car Window Shade. It can fit most large cars.