The Automotive Media Has Gone Nuts For The 911R

The 911R is Porsche’s Most Exciting Car Of The Year, Everyone Seems To Agree

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

There has been some serious praise heaped upon the shoulders of Porsche's 'driver-focused' 911R this year, and if that many people agree, it's likely to be well deserved. If you take a GT3 body shell, shove the GT3 RS engine into it, then add a bit of retro accouterments and a manual transmission, of course people are going to love it. The fact that it was limited to just 991 units, and was, in essence, only purchased by 918 Spyder owners, just adds to the desirability. Porsche nuts and exotic car nuts alike went wild for this car, as did the automotive media. If you wanted to see all of that praise in one place, here is a rundown of every major video review of the car published this year in one convenient place for you to see. 

Of course, if you haven't already ordered your 911R it's too late to purchase one new for MSRP. Lately, on the second hand market, these bad boys have been fetching upward of 700,000 dollars. In the UK the market is particularly wild with some having sold recently at over a million pounds. Is the car worth its $180,000-ish price tag from the dealership? Absolutely it is. Is it worth a million pounds? You'll have to let your wallet answer for you I suppose, but I would argue that it is not. The 911R is a very cool and very rare Porsche, and it certainly makes all the right noises from its four-liter naturally aspirated flat six, and that 6-speed manual transmission is allegedly sublime to drive. If you can afford one, who am I to judge?

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