Ride Along With This Sharkwerks Tuned GT3 RS!

Sharkwerks has been turning out some pretty amazing cars basically since Porsche’s watercooled era began. They’re based in Northern California, and they’ve got a lot of really great cars under their belt. This 991 GT3 RS video just proves how great their cars sound!

byBradley Brownell|
Ride Along With This Sharkwerks Tuned GT3 RS!

Sharkwerks has been turning out some great tuned Porsches for years, and one particularly important focus of theirs has always been sound. They want their customers to be really happy with the sound of their cars, and as such they offer several levels of exhaust tuning. This particular GT3 RS has been modified with a "Race" exhaust, which is about as loud as you can get your GT3 RS. I've had a bone stock 991 GT3 RS on track, and I can say that at full chat, there's no way I would want it to be any louder. It's one of the loudest cars I've ever driven even without a modified exhaust. 

Then again, watching the video my tune (pun intended) might have changed a bit. This car sounds fantastic uncorked, and it makes me want to flog one at a track without sound limits. Some of the voiceover in the video isn't exactly correct, but we'll let it slide because of the video also includes several minutes of uninterupted high-rev, naturally aspirated, flat-six wail. Well done to Sharkwerks, another home run.