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TRD Gives Toyota GR86 Wild New Swan-Neck Rear Wing and Louvers

Their prices are wild, too.
Toyota GR86 with TRD rear wing and louvers

One of the biggest allures of the 2023 Toyota GR86 is that it’s one of the cheapest, most modifiable rear-wheel-drive cars out there today. You can pelt it with performance parts, or simply restyle it to your taste. As means to both ends, Toyota Racing Development has launched a range of official accessories to do both, with our picks of the litter being the functional rear wing and window louvers.

Listed on TRD’s Japanese web portal, the louvers in particular hark back to the GR86’s 1980s namesake, the “AE86,” or final generation of rear-wheel-drive Corolla. It (and a certain racing anime) are the reason the GR86 exists in the first place. Louvers both draw a connection between the two and also add a touch of exoticism, as louvers are still used today on exotic cars.

The wing, meanwhile, goes for a more modern look, in that it’s a function-first, swan-neck design. Swan-neck rear wings position their mounts on top of the aerodynamic plane, which generates more downforce while minimizing drag. This one was developed using computational fluid dynamics, like all top-level motorsport aero devices.

According to TRD, the wing is assembled from a pre-preg “dry” carbon fiber-reinforced polymer plane affixed to aluminum alloy mounts, which attach to the trunk lid. It features three adjustable settings for angle of attack, which is to be set in accordance with the level of front downforce. It doesn’t fit around the GR86’s stock trunk spoiler, though, so you’ll have to peel that off before adding this swan-neck wing.

TRD gooseneck rear wing for the 2023 Toyota GR86
TRD swan-neck rear wing for the 2023 Toyota GR86. Toyota

Also, it won’t be cheap to get your hands on. The rear wing costs the equivalent of $3,536, and that’s not including taxes, shipping, or installation. All in, it’s gonna cost a huge amount of money that might be better spent on a supercharger or turbo kit. Or maybe just an engine rebuild, given what’s happening to GR86s on the track. Reliability always comes before lap times, because slow laps are better than no laps.

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