Gran Turismo 7 Update Lets You Test the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 Back to Back

Oh, and the Suzuki Cappuccino is back.

byChris Tsui|
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Gran Turismo 7's first free content update is here and brings with it three new cars: the new Subaru BRZ, the 2021 Super GT championship-winning BRZ GT300 (billed in the game as a Gr.3 level race car), and for those unenthused by Subaru coupes, the Suzuki Cappuccino kei car—specifically the EA11R model from 1991.

Notably, the BRZ's Toyota GR86 twin has been in the game since launch and while the Cappuccino and the race car are cool, the addition of the street-grade Subaru BRZ will let players virtually do something most automotive journalists haven't even been able to do yet: Drive the GR86 and BRZ back-to-back.

At the BRZ's real-life first drive last year, Subaru spoke about the engineering differences between the Toyobaru twins, and you can read about that in-depth here. If you'd rather not, here's the SparkNotes version: the Subaru has a different engine tune, different tuning for the dampers and steering, different spring rates all around, aluminum front knuckles, stiffer rear trailing link bushings, and lighter stabilizer bars connected directly to the subframe.

Admittedly, I haven't had the chance to boot GT7 up again and actually do any back-to-back Toyobaru virtual drives yet. But with the update being live right now and both cars being quite affordable in-game, experiencing the digital differences between the two sports cars (or lack thereof, perhaps) for yourself is likely only a few taps of the controller away for existing players... or, y'know, $60 away if you don't have the game yet.

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The two newly added BRZs can be found in Subaru's new car dealership with the street version costing a reasonable 32,670 credits and the GT300 commanding the Gr.3 standard 450,000 credits. The Toyota GR86, meanwhile, is priced slightly higher than its Subie counterpart at 33,500 credits while the Suzuki Cappuccino will be available from the Used Car dealership starting Tuesday, April 26.

Also new in this update is a 24-hour endurance layout for Spa which apparently has a different pit lane setup compared to the regular Formula 1 version and comes with three new events. Small gameplay tweaks and fixes include adjusted suspension geometry algorithm calculations that apparently improve traction on rear-wheel-drive cars, revised controller inputs including analog stick steering speed, and brake pressure control that's said to have reduced braking distances.

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