The Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept Looks Ready To Annihilate Some Dirt

The Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept has a giant rear wing, 17-inch OZ Racing rally wheels, and fenders that stretch into tomorrow.

byLewin Day| PUBLISHED Nov 3, 2022 10:03 AM
The Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept Looks Ready To Annihilate Some Dirt

There are a lot of ways to make the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla cooler than it already is. One of them is the Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept, which shows that the mighty AWD hatch can be turned into a weapon for loose-surface action. 

The project’s overall aesthetic was inspired by Toyota’s GR Yaris Rally1 WRC car. Built specifically for SEMA, it’s based on a 2023 GR Corolla Circuit Edition, complete with that beautiful carbon roof like its GR Yaris little brother. 

Eye-catching functional bodywork is the first thing that draws the eye, with the widebody kit custom fabricated by the Toyota Motorsports Garage team. Fender flares, three inches wide, are crafted out of steel and are paired with carbon side skirts to complete the look. The fenders also feature large functional vents and were designed to help create maximum downforce at speed. They make the Rally concept a full six inches wider than a stock GR Corolla, or a full 8.8 inches over a basic Corolla hatch.

Underneath the bulging arches, 17-inch OZ Racing rally wheels are tucked in, running Continental VikingContact 7 tires which provide solid grip in slippery conditions. Meanwhile, to aid agility, the stock GR Corolla brakes are joined by Wilwood turning brakes at the rear. It’s effectively a hydraulic handbrake setup that allows the rear wheels to be braked via a separate set of calipers. On loose-surface rallies, it’s a necessary tool to help slide out the rear end on corners. 

Aiding in the aero stakes is the gigantic splitter that sticks out a full 4.5 inches in front. There’s also a big wing at the rear, with the end plates neatly integrated into the roofline of the vehicle. Both were fabricated from carbon to save weight.

Keeping the driveline cool is key for a rally vehicle. To that end, the team custom-fabricated rear quarter windows with vents to feed fresh, cool air to the rear oil and transmission coolers. Suspension-wise, a set of Tien Gravel Rally coilovers help keep things planted. 

Engine-wise, Toyota saw fit to leave things stock, barring a MagnaFlow exhaust system and a GR high-flow air filter. The G16E-GTS three-cylinder turbo engine is good for 300 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. That’s enough to get the average driver up to dangerous speeds on gravel, anyway. 

Inside, it’s been treated to a roll cage and OMP Racing seats, complete with harnesses and even a fire suppression system. There’s also a rally intercom, a spare tire, and a jack. Interestingly, the rear seats are still present and accounted for, but with slight modifications to accommodate the bars of the roll cage. 

The Rally concept naturally wears the Gazoo Racing colors of black, red, and white. We’d love to see the GR Corolla hit the World Rally Stage in future, even if it’s just a concept for now. Even more so if it brings back the classic Castrol livery of the Sega Rally era. We can dream!

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