This 2016 Ford Super Duty With 898K Miles Looks Better Than Most Garage Queens

I’ve never owned a car in as good of condition as this F-250 Super Duty, despite it having driven 148,529 miles per year.

byNico DeMattia|
Ford News photo

This 2016 Ford F-250 XLT Super Duty has an astonishing 898,502 miles on its odometer and instead of being in a scrap yard, it's up for sale in Florida. What's even more impressive than this car still being on the road is its condition. Despite having almost driven the distance to the moon and back twice, this F-250 Super Duty is in superb condition.

There's no information on the previous owner of the truck but it was apparently a one-owner car, according to its Carfax. My first guess was that it was some sort of fleet vehicle, driven by service workers, considering it's a Super Duty with front push bar and a pretty basic spec. However, the Carfax claims it was a personal vehicle. Whoever owned it did a lot of driving, though, as it's averaged 148,529 miles per year.

I've seen cars with 100,000 miles that look far worse than this F-250. If the odometer read 80,000 miles, I'd be impressed with its condition. Instead, it has nearly one million miles on it and there's nary a scratch on its cloth seats. The only real signs of wear are on the steering wheel but it looks great, considering it's been the main touch point used for most for the truck's 898,502 miles.

You don't drive a truck that much and keep it in such good condition without extraordinarily diligent maintenance. This truck has 71 service records from various different service stations. What's interesting about its service records, though, is that many of the service stations are from different states. The truck was originally sold in Alabama but it's been serviced in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Texas, Nebraska, and even Oregon. Which means the owner of this truck drove it all over the country, potentially for work. But what's odd is that it's hard to spot a pattern. There are some long stretches of service records in one state but then sometimes it goes back and forth between different states, month by month. Clearly, this owner was all over the place, thus the high mileage.

If you're interested in this incredibly high-mileage truck, the dealership in Florida is asking $23,837, which seems a bit steep considering its mileage. A quick search on and AutoTrader shows quite a few 2016 F-250 Super Duty trucks for the same money but with far less mileage. Though, few of them, despite having a fraction of this truck's mileage, are in as good of condition. Obviously we don't know what kind of mechanical condition its in—its last non-routine maintenance service was in April, 2020 when its suspension was checked and its front wheel bearings were replaced. However, even if it needs some mechanical repairs, it might be worth buying. Whoever buys this truck has the ability to take it over a million miles and that would be an awesome achievement.

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