Production Ends For The Mercedes AMG-GT, But A New One is Coming

The GT is dead, long live the GT!

byLewin Day|
Mercedes-Benz News photo
James Gilboy

The Mercedes-AMG GT is no longer in production, so if you were hoping to order one, you've missed out.

As reported by Road and Track, AMG head Philipp Schiemer confirmed that the production of the supercar had ended in an interview last week. Over its production run, Mercedes sold over 17,000 examples in the US, first entering production in 2014. The last hurrah for the model was the Black Series, with the track-tuned weapon at one point claiming the lap record for production vehicles at the Nurburgring.

With the GT no longer available, the question stands as to whether it will see a replacement. Mercedes already confirmed last year that the new SL-series will replace the roadster model.

As for the hardtop, the future looks bright. "I think the GT was a success, and I think it's very easy to see that we will make a successor out of it," Schiemer noted.

One throwaway line doesn't give us much detail to go on, but there are hints as to where the new model might go with its design. In 2020, we got a look at the Mercedes-AMG GT Hybrid concept, which sported 800 horsepower and all-wheel-drive. We've also seen the compnay's other hero cars moving towards four-cylinder engines and hybrid drive, like the upcoming 2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance.

Alternatively, depending on the timeline, the sequel to the GT could even be all electric. The company already has EVs on sale, so a performance model is not out of the question.

Perhaps the most unlikely future for the GT is that it remains as a simple V8-powered bruiser without any fancy new technology at all. As the industry rushes towards hybrids and full electrification, it would be doubtful for the GT to be left behind. With many rivals in its segment rushing to embrace hybrid power for performance reasons, it would be a glaring omission on a new version.

For now, we'll have to wait and see. As for those that currently find themselves wanting a GT, there are two options: Buy used, or start hassling your dealer for a reservation for the new one right now.

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