Next Toyota GR86 May Get Hybrid GR Corolla Engine, Have Less Subaru in It: Report

Rumors claim it might make more than 300 horsepower.
2024 Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition

With so many owners reporting engine issues in the Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ, some probably feel it’s time Subaru takes the back seat in designing the affordable sports car. It may just do that for the next-gen model according to Japanese media, which forecasts the 86 going in a surprising direction: Toyota GR Corolla power, plus hybrid assistance.

This rumor has surfaced twice recently, with slightly varying details. Both Best Car and Mag-X (as reported by Drive) indicate the next 86 could use a turbo three-cylinder with a hybrid boost, that it’ll stay rear-wheel-drive, and that Subaru won’t have as much of a hand in its development. From there though, accounts diverge as to what version of the engine will be used, and when the car will arrive.

2024 Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition
2024 Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition. Toyota

The former indicates a debut in 2025, using the 1.6-liter engine in the GR Corolla. It’ll reportedly make more than 300 horsepower and switch to a chassis adapted from the Lexus IS, albeit shortened and stiffened. Development would accordingly be led by Toyota, though the BRZ would reportedly still be offered.

Mag-X, however, indicates the car won’t be renewed until 2028, and that its engine will be related to the GR Corolla’s, but come in smaller at 1.4 liters. That’d make it similar to the engine used for the synthetic fuel prototype that Toyota campaigns in Super Taikyu endurance racing. It’s said to likely—but not definitely—be a hybrid, while Subaru’s involvement would reportedly be on the manufacturing side to keep the factories going.

2024 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition
2024 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition. Toyota

Toyota has also installed the regular 1.6-liter in the GR86’s chassis, and it looks increasingly likely that this (or the smaller 1.4-liter) will power the next model. It wouldn’t be unusual to refresh an older rear-drive chassis, much like the current 86 and Nissan Z did, but using the IS’s platform seems strange with more modern platforms available.

In any case, it sounds like Toyota has finally heard customers’ calls for more power. Maybe it also realized that people don’t like when head gaskets are considered wear items. (Don’t get mad if it’s true, Subaru.)

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