New Lexus Overtrail Trim Will Expand to Other Off-Road SUVs

We haven’t seen the last of Lexus in the purpose-built 4×4 space, and that might mean an even more capable LX 600.

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It's fair to say the 2024 Lexus GX is a huge departure from anything Lexus has built in the past two decades. The automaker's body-on-frame SUVs have always been quietly capable off-road, but this is the first time we've seen Lexus embrace that rugged character with a full-on Overtrail trim. That's the hero model you've seen posted everywhere online since last night's GX reveal—the one with 33-inch Toyo all-terrains, 18-inch wheels, eKDSS suspension, two locking differentials, and more. What makes all that even better is that Lexus wants to expand the Overtrail lineup to other models.

GX Chief Engineer Koji Tsukaski elaborated on this point during a media roundtable interview attended by The Drive. He was cautious not to say too much, though Tsukaski did have this to say: “Because the Overtrail project is launching right now with the GX, we're going to see the customer reception and the response on that. But of course, it's on the table. We’re looking at it.”

"We had to establish a precedence for Overtrail," Tsukaski continued. "If we included F-Sport [at launch] it would blur the lines, so we first need to make sure we establish Overtrail with the GX."

When asked if this meant more Overtrail models are coming, Tsukaski responded, "Of course we'll be monitoring customer feedback, but yeah, it's a natural direction."

This would presumably include the LX 600, our version of the 300 Series Toyota Land Cruiser. We've already seen modified versions of that SUV, like the lifted trail rig that debuted at Overland Expo a few weeks back. It looks undeniably tough with chunky tires, lifted suspension, and rock armor, but don't expect Lexus to go quite so extreme with an enormous brush guard and winch.

There's already a more adventurous version of the LX for sale elsewhere in the world, one that features three locking differentials—front, center, and rear. The even larger SUV is built on the same TNGA-F platform as the new GX, and we've already seen how capable it is while underpinning Toyota's trucks. It shouldn't be that difficult to turn into a trail-conquering family hauler, then.

Tsukaski added, "What vehicle, when, you know, we can't say." He followed up by confirming that Overtrail will be exclusive to Lexus models as Toyota already has its own four-wheeling trims like TRD Off-Road, TRD Pro, and the new Trailhunter spec.

Given the strong reaction to the 2024 GX, it seems like we should be talking about when Lexus will build more Overtrail models, not if.

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