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Is a Lexus LC F Finally Headed Our Way?

Please, let it be real.
Instagram | @lexusracingusa

Toyota has been on kind of a roll recently, making all the enthusiast-pandering moves that it certainly did not need to make. First, it finally stuck a V8 in the current-gen IS to make the IS500. Then, it brought out the unquestionably dope GR Corolla hot hatch before finally announcing that the Supra will, at last, get a manual transmission. For its unexpected next trick, the Japanese automaker may finally be bringing out a proper, high-performance version of its most prestigious coupe: the Lexus LC.

Seen on Lexus Racing USA’s official Instagram is a teaser for some sort of higher-performing, F-branded version of a car that looks very much like the LC. The Lexus F logo is seen bathed in ominous blue light and is displayed behind the silhouette of a low-slung, two-door Lexus. Here’s the post along with a shot of the regular LC 500 for comparison.

Those familiar with Lexus’ fairly convoluted F-tier system will point out that this may just be a lightly-hotted-up LC F Sport or LC F Sport Performance. But if this really is a higher-performing variant of the roadgoing LC, the caption that reads “Highest expression of performance,” emphasis mine, leads me to believe that this is indeed the full-on LC F. Also, peep the hood bulge that certainly is not present on the regular LC.

On the other hand, this post was found on the Lexus Racing account which means there’s a good chance that this is a race car and not a road car. Although… sifting through the account’s previous posts, there’s a decent amount of pictures of Lexus road cars too, so this being one of ’em isn’t out of the question.

Depending on which rumors you’ve been reading, the LC F was either imminent or canceled. Regardless, it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer to find out which rumors were correct.

Or… maybe this isn’t actually an LC at all but instead an all-new successor to the legendary LFA supercar. It’s certainly got the hips for it. Now I don’t know what to think.

What say you? What do you think Lexus is teasing here?

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