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Mechanic Destroys 1997 Toyota Supra During Test Drive: Report

The driver lost control on a straight road and violently rolled the A80 Supra into a train yard.

A 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo rolled violently and crashed into a train on Monday near Denver, Colorado. Videos of the crash have gone viral and have been shared across social media after its driver was reportedly identified as a mechanic at a nearby shop, who took the iconic sports car out for a test drive. Though we haven’t been able to confirm that yet, the circumstantial evidence is piling up.

The crash happened in Englewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, and the video shows a red Mark 4 Supra opening the throttle as it changes lanes, accelerating heavily before its rear end loses traction. The driver fails to recover the Toyota, and spears into a concrete barrier before tumbling into a train yard on the other side. Though the camera captures little of the crash itself, it shows the battered husk of the car as the videographer passes by.

The Englewood Police Department confirmed to The Drive that the car’s driver was not its registered owner and that the driver had been taken to a nearby hospital. Their condition is unknown at this time. Trey Grube, who recorded the video, told us the driver was ejected during the rollover, but that they were “completely okay.”

Grube added that he had been following the Supra for about five minutes leading up to the crash, during which its driver had allegedly been obeying traffic laws. He also confirmed the driver was a mechanic taking the car for a test drive. While Grube did not learn the name of the business allegedly employing the driver, local car groups point to speed shop Bespoke Motorsports as the company handling the car. Until its deletion within the last day, the shop’s most recent post on Instagram was of a red Supra whose engine bay, wheels, and decals match those of the wrecked car.

We reached out to Bespoke Motorsports for comment but its owner declined without advice from an attorney.

Bespoke Motorsports Instagram post of possibly wrecked 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo. Instagram

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