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Porsche’s HQ Adds Second Track With Corners Inspired by the ‘Ring, Laguna Seca, and More

The new Porsche track reads like a greatest hits album from some of the world's most iconic places.

Since it opened in 2015, the Porsche Experience Center has had more than 400,000 visitors. So it’s no surprise that Porsche invested more money into it by building a second track, one that’s inspired by some of the most iconic racetracks and roads around the world.

“It’s been a fulfilling journey to bring this track to life, with inspiration drawn from several iconic race tracks, such as the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, Daytona and Laguna Seca,” Porsche Cars North America President Kjell Gruner said in a statement.

One of the new track’s corners will take inspiration from the Nürburgring’s “Carousel,” which is a banked corner that features two different types of tarmac; asphalt and concrete. There’s also a twisty section inspired by the “Tail of the Dragon,” the treacherous 318-turn mountain pass in North Carolina. However, the most exciting part of this new track is inspired by Laguna Seca’s legendary “Corkscrew.” While Porsche’s corkscrew turn isn’t as intense as Laguna’s, it still features a 30-foot rise and a 25-foot drop, with approaching and descending turns. That combination of iconic corners is meant to put drivers’ skills to the test and teach them about cornering, picking their driving line, finding braking zones, and understanding both understeer and oversteer.

In addition to the new track, there are a few other “modules,” according to Porsche. There will be an autocross course, a low-friction circle, and an ice hill. The latter is a polished concrete hill at an 8% slope designed to simulate an ultra-low-grip surface to challenge drivers’ car control.

The new track and modules were designed by Tilke, a German engineering and design firm specializing in racetracks. Visitors will get 90-minute sessions with professional driving instructors giving one-on-one lessons.

Porsche’s Experience Center isn’t entirely unique, as several brands offer similar track-day experiences with professional instructors. However, Porsche’s new second track is unique by offering some of the most challenging and exciting aspects of the best racetracks in the world.

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