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Mansory’s Lamborghini Urus Coupe Is a 900-HP Bi-Winged Glitch

You're looking at the millionaire equivalent of buying every piece of stick-on chrome at Autozone.
Lamborghini Urus Mansory Venatus Coupe

If you thought the Lamborghini Urus couldn’t get any uglier, hoho, take a seat there, pal. Mansory has gotten its hands on the Urus and turned it into a coupe-over that looks like it could make Blender crash on a liquid-cooled desktop.

What Mansory calls the Venatus Coupé Evo C will be a series of Uruses (Urii?) converted into two-door crossover coupes. They’re like Mansory’s similar Venatus Evo S, its limited-production widebody Urus, but with their B-pillars hacked out and moved back 7.9 inches to accentuate their coupe proportions—presumably eliminating the rear doors from the equation. That doesn’t mean they go without a back seat, though, because Mansory has completely redecorated their interiors to look like an ice cream shop run by Salt Bae.

Mansory reorganized the Lamborghini‘s interior, extending its front seats and offering only buckets for the rears, with a center console between them. Each interior will be unique, with its leather colors, quilting, and carbon fiber patterns specified by each customer. It’s not so bespoke that Mansory bothered to hide where the rear door handles used to be, though, or finish them in something other than carbon. I’d at least want polished silver or something, or maybe a bottle cooler.

Outside of that, it’s just like Mansory’s regular widebody Urus, if such a thing can be called regular. It has a massively overstyled body with two rear wings—count ’em—that say, “I traded in my Infiniti QX80 for this.” There’s a tri-trip center-exit exhaust and immense 24-inch forged wheels that leave the Urus with less sidewall than a shopping cart. At least it’s not “all-show, no-go,” though: Mansory tunes its twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 to 900 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque, enabling zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 201 mph.

If you wanna be the most nouveau-riche guy in your parole officer’s parking lot, you’d probably better get your name in for one of these soon, because Mansory’s only making eight of them. That’s a blessing for the rest of us, because carbon fiber is tough to recycle, and you can bet most of these will end up in junkyards in only a few years. The rest? Rich guys love hiding rare stuff in their car dungeons, where they definitely don’t get up to anything weird.

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