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Lucid Touts Gravity’s Electric SUV’s Configurable Interior Alongside New Air Variants

The Gravity will be Lucid's first electric SUV coming next year, alongside two new Air variants, including an entry-level model.

When the Lucid Air first launched, it shook up the auto industry like no other car had since the Tesla Model S. It packed more power, performance, and range than any other EV on the market and even bested most internal combustion supercars in all three categories. Now, Lucid wants to follow up on that with the new Lucid Gravity.

Lucid Gravity

The Gravity wears an evolution of Lucid Air’s design language, with the brand’s signature headlight and taillight bars, smooth surfaces, and huge amounts of glass. The main differences between the Air’s design and the Gravity’s are obviously the latter’s taller roof height and longer length. It’s hard to judge its overall size in the few renderings Lucid released but it looks like it will have a long, flat roof, maximizing rear headroom and cargo space. It doesn’t look like passengers will feel cramped inside the Lucid Gravity. In addition to that length and height, there are vast expanses of glass, from the massive glass roof and tall windows.

Ludic didn’t release much info on the Gravity just yet but we do know it will come in either two or three-row configurations. Depending on the seating choice, the Gravity will come with five, six, or seven seats. A two-row Gravity will have five seats (two front, three back), a three-row Gravity with second-row captain’s chairs will have six seats (two seats in each row), and the three-row Gravity with a bench seat second row will have the full seven seats (two, three, two). It will also get a new generation of Lucid’s infotainment system, with a new “Glass Cockpit” high-resolution display.

Reservations for the Lucid Gravity start in early 2023 and it’s said to launch in 2024. Though, no exact dates were given. When it does hit production, though, it will be built in Ludic’s Casa Grande, Arizona-based AMP-1 factory.

Ludic Air Pure

Alongside the Lucid Gravity, two new Air variants were also revealed: the Air Pure and Air Touring. The former is going to be Lucid’s entry-level car and likely its volume-seller once it hits showrooms. The Lucid Air Pure will start at $89,050 after a $1,650 destination fee and that will get a single-motor, rear-wheel drive car. However, there will also be a dual-motor, all-wheel drive Lucid Air Pure, which will cost $94,550 after destination.

For that money, the Lucid Air Pure packs 480 horsepower in its dual-motor spec, which Lucid claims make it good for 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. It also gets the smallest, lightest battery pack of any Lucid model, with just 18 modules, versus the typical 22. However, that still gives it a claimed 410 miles of range. The battery gets the same 900-volt technology, and Lucid’s Wunderbox built-in charger, which can charge up to 300 kW and can provide 200 miles in 15 minutes. It can also be charged at 19.2 kW from a home charger and it can do that both ways, with bi-directional charging.

Lucid Air Pure models also come with the brand’s DreamDrive advanced driver assistance system. Bump up to the optional DreamDrive Pro and you get 32 sensors, several cameras, short and long-range radar, and even high-resolution Lidar. DreamDrive Pro also comes with a surround-view parking camera, blind-spot monitors, and highway assist.

A new color is also available, called Pacific Blue, which is inspired by the Pacific Ocean.

Lucid Air Touring

The Lucid Air Touring is a step up from the Pure in terms of luxury, power, and performance. The Touring model will only come with two motors and all-wheel drive, pumping out 620 horsepower. Lucid claims it will have a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds and, thanks to its 18-module long-range battery, 425 miles of range. At its best, the Lucid Air can supposedly achieve 4.62 miles per kilowatt-hour. That long-range battery also features a new, compact design that increases rear seat room.

It isn’t just power and range, though. The Lucid Air Touring will get a more luxurious cabin, too. Full-grain Nappa leather seats, which use carbon-neutral leather, as well as recycled textiles adorn the cabin. Lucid also uses sustainably sourced open-pore wood, with as little finishing as possible, so you can feel the grain. As standard, the Air Touring will come with a solid aluminum roof but an optional glass canopy roof will be available.

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