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2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Revives an Icon With Ultra Luxury and a 6.4L V8 for $89K

The new Wagoneers are so swank that only the best Jeep dealers get to sell them.

When the stunning Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept dropped last fall, we all desperately hoped that the production version would at least look half as good. It seems like our prayers were heard because the 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are almost exactly the same as the concept, retaining all the swanky interior bits we loved before with unmistakable styling on the outside to boot.

The all-new Wagoneer and its more Grand variant aim to be the automaker’s biggest, most opulent SUVs ever with the company appearing to throw everything it could into them. Big V8s, best-in-class towing, a boat-load of screens, and a seriously suave interior kinda make these all the car a big family could want.


Billed as “premium extensions” of the Jeep brand, the folks behind these models would love it if you just called them the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer—no “Jeep.” Apparently, a half-century of name recognition isn’t worth as much as a newfangled branding initiative. More on that later, though.

Rocking standard 20-inch wheels, purposefully big windows, and front grilles that lean forward tipping their caps to Wagoneers of the past, the outsides of the new top-Jeeps look, in a word, great. The easiest way to distinguish the Grand Wagoneer from the regular Wagoneer would probably be the black two-tone roof, more intricate-looking front end (the “WAGONEER” text is on the grille and tucks underneath the hood), premium LED lighting, fender flares, and standard retractable side steps. 

Under said hood, the base Wagoneer is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 making 392 horsepower and 404 pound-feet of torque. This engine is paired to a 48-volt mild-hybrid system that provides up to 130 pound-feet of additional torque and uses a 390 watt-hour battery that’s apparently the size of a small suitcase, mounted in the floor. The Grand Wagoneer, meanwhile, gets a 6.4-liter V8 good for 471 hp and 455 pound-feet of torque that propels the big-dog SUV to 60 mph in six seconds flat. Both engines feature cylinder deactivation, Variable Cam Timing, are attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission, and, most importantly perhaps, are capable of towing up to a claimed best-in-class 10,000 pounds.

The trio of available 4×4 systems—Quadra-Trac I, II, and Quadra-Drive II—boast a 48:1 crawl ratio and feature five Selec-Terrain drive modes: Auto, Sport, Rock, Snow, and Sand/Mud. Both the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer can also ford up to 24 inches of water. The all-new body-on-frame platform benefits from standard independent suspension front and rear on Wagoneer with double-wishbones up front (just like an Acura TLX!), promising upscale comfort and handling. Air suspension, meanwhile, is standard on Grand Wagoneer and can raise to provide up to 10 inches of ground clearance in Rock mode or lower the ride for parking and/or aerodynamic reasons. Active noise cancellation, acoustic glass with an internal metal oxide layer, and door seals keep things quiet and cool on the inside. Speaking of the inside…

As good as these two look on the outside, it’d be disappointing if their interiors didn’t keep up. Thankfully, the Wagoneers’ cabins are just as fashionable, if not more so. With three rows of seats standard on both models, parent company Stellantis (a name that will never not sound pharmaceutical) is claiming best-in-class passenger and overall interior room. Seven- or eight-seat configurations can be had on each trim and it’s all covered in Satin American Walnut wood, aluminum, and standard Nappa leather. Upper-trim Grand Wagoneers replace the Nappa with quilted Palermo leather while a two-spoke steering wheel pays homage to the model’s ancestor.

Most noticeably setting itself apart from other cabins in this price range (and beyond), however, is just the sheer amount of screen on display here, no pun intended. There’s one in front of the driver in lieu of a gauge cluster and two on the centerstack, of course, but there’s also one in front of the passenger (which lets your co-driver manage the nav system, entertainment, and monitor the exterior cameras) and three in the second row. All in all, the Grand Wagoneer can be optioned to boast a total of 75 inches of screens, 45 of which you’ll find in the front row.


Uconnect 5 is apparently five times faster than before (Maybe that’s where they get the 5 from?) and supports wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and over-the-air updates. The system also includes Amazon Fire TV for Auto with Alexa, which means passengers can watch anything they’d like on those long road trips. Provided it’s on Amazon, of course. And, don’t worry, each passenger can choose to watch their own thing independently of the others. They haven’t scrimped on audio either because the optional McIntosh system on the Grand Wagoneer boasts 1,375 watts, 23 speakers, a 12-inch subwoofer, and a cool in-screen graphic that mimics the signature blue meters and dancing needles of a McIntosh home system.


In terms of tech that can’t be demoed inside the showroom, the new Wagoneer range apparently features more than 120 safety and security features, which is way more than we can feasibly mention in this article. But some highlights include Level 2 partial automation, night vision, drowsy driver detection, a digital rear-view mirror, an automated parking function that uses ultrasonic sensors, and later in the product life cycle, hands-free Active Driving Assist.

Because this isn’t just any ol’ Jeep, the company is promising a totally different dealership and service experience for Wagoneer buyers. “Wagoneer Client Services” aims to deliver a more luxurious customer experience by, well, referring to customers as “clients,” for starters. The program also includes 24/7 concierge and roadside assistance, five years of “worry-free” maintenance with vehicle pickup and delivery, and an equivalent loaner, as well as a thorough cleaning and a full tank of gas with every service. What’s more, only the best Jeep dealerships (i.e. ones that have earned a “Customer First” award from J.D. Power) are even allowed to sell and service Wagoneers. These stores will have space on both their showroom floors and new car delivery areas dedicated to Wagoneer products. 


As for how much this proverbial club membership will cost, the 2022 Wagoneer will start at $59,995 while the 2022 Grand Wagoneer will command at least $88,995 after destination. Both SUVs will be built in Warren, Michigan, and are coming to dealerships in the second half of 2021.

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