A ‘More Extreme’ Audi RS6 Is Said To Be in the Works

A final sendoff of the RS6 is due to be more extreme as the automaker prepares to transition to electric vehicles.

byChris Rosales|
Dynamic photo,
Color: Tango red
Dynamic photo, Color: Tango red. Audi

The 2023 Audi RS6 is the top-rung of Audi performance sedans and wagons, with Audi itself considering it a halo product. But even with the RS6 Performance that was announced late last year that’s coming to the U.S. market, Audi Sport boss Sebastian Grams hinted at an even more extreme variant than the Performance.

Speaking at the Audi Sport’s 40th Anniversary celebration, Grams outlined the importance of the RS6 in the Audi Sport lineup. But when Autocar posed a question asking if the RS6 Performance would be the most focused version of the super-wagon, Grams replied with a telling “no, we can go more extreme.” While it’s not an outright confirmation, this certainly clues us into what Audi Sport might have in development for the end of the RS6.


Grams further confirmed that Audi Sport will reveal an internal combustion engine car in 2024 along with its first electric car. He didn’t offer any hint as to what the 2024 car might be, and with plenty of time left in 2023 there may be hope yet of other bombshell reveals of future Audi cars. While an extreme RS6 is far from confirmed, Audi’s messaging surrounding the RS6 is that of reverence and enthusiasm, and would likely be hinted this year instead of next. 

It’s unclear what a more extreme RS6 would look like. As the domain of Audi RS cars are very much road-focused with the ability to do occasional track driving, taking the big RS6 and sculpting it into a focused, raw corner-carver would be a mission to achieve. That’s not to say the current RS6 doesn’t handle, but compromising the comfort of the RS6 in the name of performance would make for an interesting experiment in physics.

Still, the near future looks bright for Audi enthusiasts. Cool cars are coming, folks.

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