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$81,582 VW Golf R 333 Sells Out in Just 8 Minutes

It's the most expensive VW Golf ever.

Volkswagen revealed the limited edition 2024 VW Golf R 333 last week featuring some unique styling, slightly more power, and a shocking price tag of 76,410 euros, the equivalent of $81,582. As its name suggests, Volkswagen is only making 333 of the Germany-exclusive Golfs and, despite being the most expensive Golf ever, all 333 sold out in just eight minutes.

VW’s head of product communications Stefan Voswinkel took to LinkedIn a few days ago to announce the Golf R 333 selling out. “Okay, that was fast—even for a Golf R. The special model Golf R 333 was sold out after eight (!) minutes,” he said.

What do all 333 owners get for their money? For starters, the Golf R 333 gets exclusive styling bits, such as the Lime Yellow Metallic paint, 19-inch Y-spoke wheels, and a black roof. And just so everyone else knows how special they are, there are black “333” decals on the side skirts. However, the only difference inside the car is a little plaque highlighting its production number.

Under the skin, the Golf R 333 is only slightly more powerful, pumping 329 horses from the familiar 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. It should sound better, too, thanks to a titanium Akrapovic exhaust, and it will handle a bit better courtesy of semi-slick tires. Volkswagen also raised the electronically limited top speed to 168 mph for faster Autobahn cruising.

Are those marginal changes, along with the exclusivity of being one of just 333 owners, worth the staggering asking price? There seem to be 333 people who think so. It’s worth noting, though, that German price tags include value-added tax (VAT), whereas American MSRP doesn’t include tax. Still, you have to be an epic VW fan to spend that much extra money on some exclusive paint and an exhaust that you can get aftermarket anyway. Oh, and the decals. Can’t forget the decals.

333 customers will start taking deliveries of their cars in October.

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