The New Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo Gets a Front Bench Seat

The cargo version of the new electric van will have a three-person front-seat configuration: a driver’s seat plus a two-person bench seat beside it.

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The new, 2024 Volkswagen ID Buzz has finally been revealed, and it has a cargo version, as all vans should. In true throwback fashion, it will be available with a front bench seat. This is cause for celebration!

Volkswagen will launch two versions of the ID Buzz: the regular, passenger version and the ID Buzz Cargo version. The standard Cargo model gets three seats in the cab: a dedicated driver's seat and also a two-person bench next to it, similar to certain variants of the RAM Promaster and the British version of the Ford Transit. Think of it like a 60/40-type split. So, it's not a front bench seat in the most traditional sense of the phrase, but it's still three contiguous seats. That counts in my book.

That front three-seater configuration can also be optioned as a two-seater with dedicated driver and passenger seats—like in normal cars, trucks, and vans—and with a removable center console that latches into place, if buyers demand a more modern cabin. Though, I must ask: Why would you?

Volkswagen didn't have any photos of the three-seat ID Buzz Cargo to share, so just imagine this but with three front seats., Volkswagen

The console itself is said to be derived from a version installed in the original concept shown back in 2017 at the Detroit Auto Show. It's apparently a combination storage bin/laptop holder that, on the six-seat passenger version of the van, can be situated in the middle of the second row. VW claims the console can be "easily taken out and fitted back in," which also means that if you'd rather have an airy cabin with room for a purse (like other EVs on the market offer), then it should be as simple as popping it out.

Regardless of the seating configuration, the ID Buzz Cargo appears to tick all the boxes of what make a useful work van. A rear-cargo divider with an optional opening window that works as a pass-through to the cargo compartment, built-in tie-downs, and 137.7 cubic feet of space are all bonafide work-van benefits. 

For now, it's unclear if the North American market will get the ID Buzz Cargo, as it'll only be available in Europe during its initial launch. But it's still good to know that one of the most useful features associated with old haulers is making a comeback. And with how ripe short-haul, in-town trips are for electrification, I'd be willing to hold out hope to see if adorable little Volkswagen work vans will indeed scurry about stateside sometime soon.


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