This Off-Road Excursion in a Land Rover Discovery Did Not Go Well

Stuck under a footbridge and being called a moron by local police. Job well done, chap!

Law enforcement in the United Kingdom took to social media earlier this week after a group of off-roaders was reportedly up to no good on agricultural land in Derbyshire, a county in central England. The small convoy of 4x4s, many of them Land Rovers, allegedly tore up a field before one got caught up in the flow of a swollen waterway. It was then swept under a footbridge and got absolutely, hilariously stuck. 

The local Derbyshire Rural Crime Team posted on Facebook saying, “Now, unfortunately, the irresponsible off-road driving morons spoil the reputation of the rest as can be seen in these images.” They took time to comment on the particularly noteworthy silver Land Rover stuck under the water crossing. “Make up your own minds about the [Land Rover driver] who clearly misjudged the conditions, the capabilities of his vehicle and his own driving skills (or her, of course!)”

“Once the water levels recede it will be interesting to see what sort of recovery operation the owner comes up with,” they concluded.

This all took place outside of Buxton, a community of about 22,000 between the cities of Manchester and Sheffield. As well as short clips of the damage caused by the vehicles driving on the agricultural land, the police also posted a video of the Land Rover stuck under the bridge getting completely flooded by the stream. It’s safe to assume the Series II Discovery in question is absolutely ruined after this incident. 

Despite the “morons” in this situation, authorities note that in the wake of Storm Eunice, the off-roading community has been helpful in assisting people in “water-related peril.” However, that doesn’t mean tearing up farm fields or getting stuck under a pedestrian bridge is any more acceptable.

The Derbyshire Rural Crime Team is apparently still looking for the people who tore up the field and got stuck under the bridge. I doubt any of our American readers will have any tips on that front, but once the water level lowers, it should be relatively easy to apprehend the owner of the flooded Discovery. At the very least, despite the dangerous floodwaters, no injuries have been reported as a result of this incident. 

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