Cadillac Files Trademarks for Vistiq and Lumistiq EV Names

Looks like Cadillac is sticking with this “iq” trend.

byPeter Holderith|
Cadillac News photo

Cadillac is bringing back non-alphanumeric names for its vehicles, starting with the upcoming Lyriq and yet-to-be-unveiled Celestiq. By the time the brand is fully electric in 2030, names like CT6 and XT4 will have disappeared, replaced by the likes of "Vistiq" and "Lumistiq," as CarBuzz reports. 

According to trademark filings, the company may use those names for upcoming vehicles, including the "IQL" moniker ahead of the Escalade's name when that truck goes electric. This is consistent with the company's plans to affix "iq" at the end of all of its new nameplates. It's worth noting that, when this actually takes place, it will be pronounced "ick," not "ique." Lyriq is reportedly pronounced "Lyric" and Celestiq "Celestic."

The Cadillac Lyriq., Cadillac

This isn't the first iq-ending name Cadillac has claimed recently, however. Back in July of 2020, it trademarked "Symboliq" in Switzerland, as GM Authority reported. Vistiq and Lumistiq are just the latest additions to the big happy "iq" family.

As previously mentioned, the first of these "iq" cars to be released will be the Lyriq, which rapidly allotted all of its reservations a few weeks ago. After that will come the mysterious, range-topping Celestiq, which we haven't heard much about but have peeked in previews. Indeed, it's plausible one of these new Cadillacs was hidden among a slew of other EVs GM gave us a hazy look at during CES back in January. 

Seeing as sedans aren't so hot these days, it's likely that the Vistiq and Lumistiq would be SUVs or crossovers of some variety. They certainly won't be replacing iconic names like Escalade.

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