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Ultra-Rare 1988 Cadillac Trump Edition Limo Is for Sale on Craigslist

Only a few Trump-branded Cadillac limousines exist in the world.

We’ve heard all about Donald Trump’s many business ventures—Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump University—but in addition to those and long before his Presidential aspirations, Trump also worked with Cadillac to produce a line of limousines with his name on them–the Trump Executive Series and Trump Golden Series. Now, you can own one of your own. 

Cadillac, along with Dillinger Coachworks, teamed up with Trump to design the most luxurious limousines ever made. Trump allegedly agreed to buy 50 of these cars. But in a move that comes as a complete surprise to everyone, Trump changed his mind, buying only one for his father and cancelling the remaining 49. 

According to Car & Driver, one car is known to be in Britain, pictured on the FleetOfCads website with modifications such as amber turn signals and different headlights to make it legal on U.K. roads. Another has inexplicably resurfaced on Boston Craigslist.


From the photos, this car appears to be the genuine article and a Golden Series at that. It lacks the modifications for European roads and wears a license plate not from Britain, but ironically from the liberal stronghold of Massachusetts. Car & Driver reported in January that the Executive Series car was for sale in New England, yet the extensive use of gold trim throughout this car identify it as a Golden Series. The photos show the car’s unique high roof, Cadillac-Trump badging, Perm-A-Pub bar, and a 1988 cell phone.

We’ve reached out to the seller of this unique limo for more information on this car, its history, and, of course, whether it’s still available.