This Is Neill Blomkamp’s Vision for Trump’s Air Force One and Presidential Motorcade

Gun-toting and gaudy in equal measure.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
This Is Neill Blomkamp’s Vision for Trump’s Air Force One and Presidential Motorcade

With the 2016 presidential election and its surprise twist ending now almost a week in the world’s collective rearview, science fiction director Neill Blomkamp has given us a look into his vision of the presidential motorcade and Air Force One of the not-too-distant future. And as you’d probably expect from the guy who made a movie about a future where the rich live in paradise on a space station while the poors struggle on a depleted Earth’s hardly flattering to Donald Trump.

Blomkamp, who broke onto the scene with his unconventional aliens-among-us thriller District 9 and more recently directed the latest installment of the resurrected BMW Films series, dropped the CGI-modified videos on his Instagram page several days ago, then went on to post them in full 1080p quality on YouTube—thus giving us all a chance to marvel at these grotesque visions while quietly trying to convince ourselves, C’mon, there’s no way Trump will do that...right?

The first video depicts a Trump presidential motorcade, which resembles a traditional one in most respects...except for the president’s limousine, which has been transformed into a lane-and-a-half-wide 24-karat Batmobile as designed by Hedonismbot.  The second, put out a day later, is even more outlandish, depicting an Airbus A380 version of Air Force One bristling with heavy artillery, tank treads in lieu of wheels, and a greenhouse full of tropical greenery.

Admittedly, we don’t know what Trump’s presidential Cadillac will actually look like until Inauguration Day 2017, which theoretically gives The Donald plenty of time to retrofit the new Beast with laser turrets and 10-foot-tall golden statues of Ivanka riding an eagle.

One thing we do know, however: while the A380 may be the biggest passenger plane in the world, but there’s no way POTUS—Trump or not—would fly on a European-made jet. At least not as long as Boeing is still building 747s