Video Shows Out-of-Control Car Nearly Strike Trump Presidential Motorcade

The car came flying out of the woods just as the limousine carrying Trump passed by.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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President Donald Trump traveled to Missouri on Wednesday to give a high-profile speech on tax reform, but on the way back to the airport his motorcade experienced a rare and somewhat frightening event—an out-of-control car suddenly appearing from a roadside grove of trees, headed straight for the president's armored limo.

A witness who happened to be filming the motorcade caught the small white sedan as it flew out of the woods, bounced through a roadside ditch, and came to rest on a grassy shoulder at the edge of the pavement, clearly disabled by the rough entrance. A rogue vehicle on a closed road is concerning enough for the Secret Service, but this all happened to go down just as The Beast and President Trump were passing that very spot.

A Chevrolet Suburban carrying Secret Service agents broke formation to shield the rest of the motorcade from any malfeasance, and another truckload of agents doubled back and checked out the situation once President Trump was well clear of the area. Despite the drama, Springfield Police later tweeted that the driver and her passenger had "no intent of harm or disruption to motorcade." 

Ozarks First reported that the car experienced what has to be the world's most poorly-timed brake failure on a nearby road, causing it to crash through a small patch of woods and onto the closed motorcade route. The news site also obtained more video of the accident from a different angle, showing the car plunging down an embankment before hitting the ditch. There were no injuries or arrests reported. Still, hard to imagine what it's like to lose control of your car and suddenly end up heading straight for the presidential motorcade.

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