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Rule the Slopes with this Cadillac Limousine Snowcat on Craigslist in Canada

Winter is coming—are you prepared?

byKyle Cheromcha|
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What happens when a old Bombardier Snowcat and a 1989 Cadillac Brougham limousine get together and have a baby? Were such an endeavor biologically or mechanically possible, it might look something like this classy beast, which is now for sale in Canada at a bargain price of $6,000. All that's missing is a denim tuxedo.

There's a class of car builders who never stop to ask why, and thankfully Robert Falck is one of those people. The British Columbia resident originally cobbled together the masterpiece before us for a local movie production in Vancouver, then bought it back once filming had been completed. This isn't some immobile sculpture, though—the beautiful monster actually runs, drives, and maintains the Cadillac's suitably plush Malaise-era interior.


Falck declined an interview when contacted by The Drive, citing legal concerns with the studio, but he provided Jalopnik with a rundown of the mechanicals. He fabricated a custom ladder frame out of square-tubed steel to attach the base from an older Bombardier SV250 Skidozer and the body from a 1989 Cadillac limo. Front skis attach to a robust rack-and-pinion steering system aided by a power steering cooler. A small-block Chevrolet V8 engine sends power through a TH350 three-speed automatic to a one-ton truck axle.

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It's not the hardiest of builds, but Falck pointed us to a YouTube video that shows it powering up a snowy trail and clambering up a small ledge at the end. Now we're curious about the movie it was built for. Falck summarized it to Jalopnik as featuring "a rich guy who owned a ski resort" and told us cryptically that "it was a large studio with a bunch of lawyers." It has to be a comedy—come on, look at this thing—and the rich resort owner is the villain in pretty much every skiing and snowboarding flick in existence.


We haven't been able to figure it out though. Out Cold? Shred? Ski Patrol? If you've got any idea, chime in below—the world must see this Caddy Snowcat's star turn.

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