Watch a Lifted Cadillac Escalade Pull a Military Truck Out of Harvey’s Floodwaters

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, help comes in many forms.

If there’s one microscopic silver lining to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, it’s been the videos showing all those lifted trucks pressed into flood rescue duty. From the Diesel Brothers’ fleet of 4x4s to MMA fighter Derrick Lewis’ jacked-up Chevy Silverado dually, they’ve been essential in helping authorities comb the sprawling disaster zone for survivors. But that’s not their only talent—turns out, a lifted Cadillac Escalade makes a perfect tow rig for a stuck National Guard truck.

Alright, so lifted may be a bit of an understatement when describing just how high that Escalade is riding. The monster Caddy belongs to a member of “Rednecks with Paychecks,” an off-road enthusiast collective of, well, self-professed rednecks with paychecks. The group hosts several massive, mud-filled gatherings in Texas each year, but it appears they’ve put aside preparing for their next event to pitch in with the rescue effort in Houston.

What appears to a National Guard LMTV (Light Medium Tactical Vehicle) got stuck in a low spot next to a flooded apartment complex on Wednesday, and the Escalade was in the right spot to lend a helping hand. Chances are the stock V8 engine has been boosted or swapped out entirely for something more suited to hauling that heavy frame and turning those massive wheels, but still, it’s impressive to watch the Caddy haul out a 10-ton truck with ease.

Of course, the vast majority of their time has been spent crawling through flooded streets, looking for people to help. The Rednecks with Paychecks Facebook page is filled with surreal videos of the giant trucks fording their way through the darkness, spotlights illuminating the diluvian scene.