MMA Fighter Derrick Lewis Assists in Houston Rescue Efforts Using Lifted Silverado

Lewis's $90,000 truck is earning its keep this week.

Famed MMA fighter Derrick Lewis has been hard at work assisting those in need around the Houston efforts. According to reports, Derrick and his wife decided they should do something rather than just sitting out of harm’s way. 

So Lewis packed up his mint lifted Chevy Silverado 3500HD Dually High Country and made his way down to Houston. From the looks of it, Lewis’s fording depth should be measured in feet rather than inches as his current build is a monster. Lewis told news outlets that he has assisted over 100 individuals and plans to help a lot more. In various social media videos and images, you can see Lewis doing everything from carrying children to pulling out stuck trucks.

Regardless of how many people Lewis has assisted, it is nice to see him making the effort and putting himself in harm’s way to help others. That being said, Chevy’s PR team must be praising Lewis’s social media accounts as that big bowtie is in every picture.