Watch Ken Block Play Gymkhana in two Can-Am X3s

Ken Block + Two Can-Am’s = Drift/Donut Fun

byDanny Korecki| UPDATED Mar 15, 2020 3:02 PM
Watch Ken Block Play Gymkhana in two Can-Am X3s

We have covered Hoonigan and the Donut Garages antics in the past, but in there recent video of their Field Trip series Head Hoonigan in Charge, Ken Block stops by to play with some modified Can-Am X3s Gymkhana style.

Ken Block starts the by getting straight to the business you love him for: Donuts and drifting. He drifts and figure eights all around the Donut Garage's loading dock and even causes tire marks across the welcome mat. Block's Can-Ams are upgraded with a Hoonigan hand brake set up as well as upgrading the ponies from a 120 horsepower to around 155 horsepower. They brought two Can-AM's one was going to be on stock off road knobby tires and the other would be switched to Fifteen-52 wheels with Toyo tarmac tires.

For the "Field Trip" part of Ken Block's visit the Hoonigan crew heads to Cable Airport in Upland, California. Ken's goal for visiting the Donut Garage with the Can-Am's was to see if they're capable to perform on a Gymkhana Grid course. If it works long term he wants to invite celebrity friends to be able to drive in a Can-AM spec class of Gymkhana Grid. The Hoonigan crew set up the course which included a couple drift sections and donut sections around props such as the Toyo Tires tank and a old Cessna plane.

The Can-Am's have been upgraded with what the crew called the "Banana Tune", because it is banana's?

Ken drives the knobby tired Can-Am up against the Fifteen-52 Toyo wrapped wheeled Can-Am. The Toyo tired car was obviously faster, but the nobby tired car was more easily persuaded to go sideways. Block does some crazy slides and drifts under the planes wing with less than an inch of clearance available.

Eventually, guest Jason Ellis arrives. Jason Ellis is a Austrailian satellite radio host, professional skateboarder, mixed martial arts fighter, among a longer list of his resume. Fair warning, the video includes colorful language and hand signals after Ellis arrives. Ken Block plays Yoda for Ellis as they put Ellis through the Gymkhana course to set times.

I really hope celebrity Gymhana Grid in Can-Am's becomes a thing.