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Ken Block Gives a Tour of Hoonigan Racing Division HQ to Show His ‘Carcaine’ Addiction

From his Hoonicorn V2 to his Ford Escort Cosworth Group A rally car, Ken Block shows the toys that fuel his addiction.

Head Hoonigan in Charge Ken Block is a busy man with his hectic rally racing schedule, film production, and the part that everyone seems to forget—running a multi-million dollar business.

Block recently competed in the Oregon Trail Rally in the first of three U.S. stage rallies he plans on racing in 2018. Additionally, he will be driving in the Spanish round of the World Rally Championship, the new Americas Rallycross series, and, finally, the World Rallycross Championship competition at Circuit of the Americas.

Along with racing, he will be launching a new eight-part Amazon documentary series called The Gymkhana Files and the tenth video in his well-known internet stunt series, GymkhanaTEN

With all this going on in his life for 2018, he still found some time to do a walkthrough of his race team Hoonigan Racing Division’s headquarters in Utah to show off all the cars in his self-described “carcaine” addiction.

The video is featured on Hoonigan’s spare channel, Hoonigan Bonus, where the action crew recently started putting all sorts of behind the scenes content.

In the video, Block shows off his nearly-unmatched toy collection. From his Hoonicorn V2 to his 2016 Ford Focus RS RX, 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A rally car which wears its Oregon Trail Rally damage proudly, a 1986 Ford RS200, and more, Block’s possessions make it sound like you’re reading from your own Christmas list rather than someone’s actual garage.

Check out Ken Block’s Carcaine Addition video from the Hoonigan Bonus channel below.