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Cadillac is Taking a Break From Pirelli World Challenge GT

Could Formula E be in Cadillac's future?

After a rather strong run, Cadillac’s Pirelli World Challenge V-Performance Racing GT team will go into hibernation in order to shift focus to prototype racing. This is unfortunate considering how well Caddy has been doing in PWC right up to the (apparently temporary) end of the program.

First assembled in 2004, Cadillac brought a first-gen CTS-V Sedan to PWC. Cadillac found success early on, having won a total of five manufacturer championships and seven driver championships since 2004. Four of those championships were won in the last seven years. Cadillac competed in a total of 332 races in PWC.

So, what does this mean for the future of Cadillac racing? Will Caddy put all of its eggs in the prototype basket to expand on the success of the Daytona- and Sebring-winning DPi-V.R? That’s likely where a lot of the racing dollars will go, but we can’t help but wonder if Cadillac has a Formula E team in the works.

Maybe more importantly, what does this mean for Cadillac road cars? The CTS-V and ATS-V are two of the most trackable production cars in the world from a luxury brand and it’s hard to deny that some of their greatness is inherited from the GT racecars that are being discontinued.

Whatever happens, we hope Cadillac keeps doing what it’s doing on the performance-car front. The Michigan-built V cars are fantastic halo cars for the brand and some of the best American cars ever made, period. Here’s hoping that doesn’t change anytime soon.