Cadillac Will Teach ATS-V and CTS-V Buyers to Drive for Free

Two-day V-Performance Academy training now comes with every new V-Series model.

While the current array of electronic safety nets makes it easier than ever to use bonkers-fast sports cars every day, it still takes practice when it comes to driving them the way they were meant to be driven—which is why many carmakers offer various driving school-spec programs, for those interested in learning how to properly handle a modern-day road rocket. But now, nobody goes quite as far as Cadillac, which is now offering two days of on-track performance driving lessons to anyone who buys a new CTS-V or ATS-V

Shell out the money needed for one of those sweet, sweet V-Series performance models, and Cadillac will pay for you to spend a couple days hauling ass around at Nevada’s Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club at the company’s V-Performance Academy. In addition to two days of track time and driving lessons in the same car you purchased, Cadillac will also take care of breakfast, lunch, two nights at the bougie Spring Mountain condos, and guest access for one lucky lookie-loo who wants to come along with you. (He or she can drive as well, for a little extra money.) Courtesy vehicles will even be available for those evening trips to the Strip; all you need to do is cough up for a flight to Las Vegas.

Cadillac V-Series models, Cadillac

Should you crave the chance to learn how to drive one of GM’s leather-lined missiles around a track, but had the misfortune of already purchasing the Caddy of your dreams—or you went for an AMG instead—you can still come on the V-Performance events. You’ll just have to pay your own way, with prices starting at $2,420. Either way, you score a chance to test out the V-car of your dreams in a program Cadillac says has been specifically designed to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the vehicles. 

If two days in Las Vegas isn’t quite your style–and if that’s true, we certainly don’t blame you—Cadillac also offers one-day driving schools called the V-Performance Lab, which it’ll be conducting at Texas’s Circuit of the Americas and Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park this fall. Those also give drivers a chance to test out the latest ATS-V and CTS-V on the track while receiving tutorials from professional drivers; each runs a fiver less than $1,000, but hey, they also include breakfast and lunch. 

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