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This Cadillac CTS-V Runs a Quarter-Mile in 7 Seconds

A 106-mm turbo helps makes three times the horsepower of a factory CTS-V—and melt your brain.

TX2K17 brought about some of the biggest players in drag racing. At the event, we saw the world’s first 6-second Nissan GTR from AMS Alpha G Performance and this, another stupendously quick racer that is compounding the amount of power it made from the factory. Equipped with an enormous 106mm turbocharger, this Cadillac CTS-V is capable of low seven-second quarter mile passes, deafening everyone surrounding it with cam lope and turbo whistle. Aside from its monster runs, it may have even been the craziest looking car there, completing the ultimate lust-filled package. Collectively, it’s enough for us to consider assaulting our bank account as well.

The Caddy is as intimidating as it is quick. There’s a sizable cut out in the center grille, exposing the giant snail and previewing all of the intricate piping that lies under the hood. The exhaust plumbing alone is more beautifully designed than some modern art, or at least in the eyes of a petrolhead. They make their exit in dramatic fashion by billowing audible profanities out the bonnet, making for some added theater. Slicks round out the hardly-legal V, showing it’s got the grip to play with the top guns at the year’s top drag racing event.

The builders claim that the car isn’t completely finished. Although it’s achieved a 7.65 second quarter-mile run with a trap speed of 181 MPH, the team aims for six second passes in the future. As long as they can translate power to speed, it doesn’t look like they’ll have a hard time of achieving that goal.

Keep in mind that this is a rear-wheel drive car. Most other vehicles that have claimed similar ET’s have been driven by all four wheels, so if you needed to further the CTS-V’s credentials any more, there you have it.