Watch Us Talk K5 Blazers, Bentleys, and Scooters on The Smoking Tire Podcast

The Drive's editor-in-chief Kyle Cheromcha and yours truly stopped by Matt Farah's studio this week for a chat.

It’s already been six months since I started here at The Drive if you can believe it! I’m loving every minute so far, but one thing I hadn’t done yet was actually meet the site’s editor-in-chief, Kyle Cheromcha, in person. I decided to change that last weekend and we did what any coworkers meeting for the first time do: We went on Matt Farah‘s The Smoking Tire podcast.

The podcast is now filmed out of Farah’s new headquarters at the Westside Collector Car Storage in Los Angeles, California. There’s set lighting in the studio, sound-deadening materials on the walls, and a sick-ass table. Matt and Zack Klapman are there, too, which is also nice and sorta necessary I suppose.

If you’ve got some time this weekend, sit down and have a listen to podcast episode 664. Kyle talks about his sweet, vintage Chevy Blazer. I recall driving a big Bentley around a very cool abandoned military base. We sing praises for the Lotus Evora GT (review on that coming soon!). We discuss the merits and demerits of forever-car ownership. We debate the rise of scooter sharing in our respective cities. All in all, it’s a good chat.

Take a watch or listen. Revel in Kyle’s very beautiful and very rich radio voice [Ed. note: I did not make her write that, nor do I endorse it — KC]:

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