There’s a Hotel in Germany Full of Car Beds for Adults

Sure, you’ve probably slept in a normal Honda Civic, but how about a Cadillac that’s been cut in half?

byPeter Holderith|
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Car beds are something most of us grew out of. They're fun to have as a kid, but as you get older you don't need to imagine you're going racing to fall asleep. Still, it doesn't mean interesting cars can't make equally interesting beds for now-grown car lovers.

As CarBuzz reports, there's a hotel outside of Stuttgart, Germany that understands this. As well as having conventional rooms, the aptly named V8 Hotel also has themed rooms, decorated with automotive memorabilia, murals from racing history, and yes, full-sized car beds made from real automobiles.

V8 Hotel

There are actually two V8 hotels sitting in the same complex, one originally built in the 1920s as an accommodation for the Württemberg state airport and another built in January of 2018. Both of them have auto-themed rooms with car beds, although the newer of the two hotels is much bigger and more well-appointed.

Let's cut to the chase here, though. A huge variety of cars were made into beds. There's a Cadillac Coupe de Ville bed, a Citroen DS bed—heck there's even a Jeep bed for the off-roading enthusiasts out there. Those three are just the tip of the iceberg because classics from BMW, Mercedes, and more were also fashioned into places to take a rest.

Many of the vehicles still have functioning lights and some of them are in special liveries, like the BMW E36 M3 with a Liqui Moly livery, and a newer Mini Cooper with a classic orange and blue Gulf scheme. You'll notice most of them also have a set of wheels that have been neatly sliced in half to complete the picture. Makes you wonder how much one of these beds cost to make.

We may not know how expensive these special beds were to put together, but we do know how much it costs to stay at the V8 Hotel. Themed rooms range in price from around $200 a night for the Citroen DS room all the way up to around $775 a night for more well-appointed accommodations, like the Mercedes Suite pictured below.

V8 Hotel

It's a bit tricky to get to Europe now because of pandemic-related restrictions, but that just gives you plenty of time to decide whether you want to sleep in a Mini Cooper, a Jeep, or something a bit fancier. There's certainly plenty to see car-wise around Stuttgart, and a stay at the V8 Hotel would be a great way to make every single waking and resting moment of your vacation focused on cars. Maybe visit an art museum or something, too, just to make sure you don't get overloaded with things that move and make noise.

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