For Sale: $1M House on a Race Track That’s Really a Two-Bed Garage

Welcome to 5417 Trackview Road.

byRob Stumpf|
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Some people want a house on the lake, others want a beachfront mansion, and a few others a highrise penthouse. However, there are a few car enthusiasts out there that'd trade the luxury ranches and swanky condos for something truly fun and unique: a house on a race track.

Well, it's more like a big garage with a living area, but you get the point. This cool property is in Brainerd, Minnesota and the address is—get this—5417 Trackview Road.

via Zillow

Let's start with the location because this is one of the coolest parts of the whole deal. The street is aptly named for its position directly adjacent to Brainerd International Raceway, more specifically at the business end of the track's drag strip (there's also a road course). It takes a special kind of person to be okay with cars regularly traveling at triple-digit speeds in the direction of your home, but for that person—it's car nirvana at its finest.

Per the listing, the main floor of the house is a magnificent two-story gallery garage. Roll up the doors and discover a large four-stall space complete with a parking lift and what appears to be a display turntable for your most prized possession. In case you get thirsty and are done driving for the day, there's a wet bar for post-race libations and an ultra-modern family room.

The second floor is the living area which is fairly modest in comparison. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom space is obviously car-themed. One bathroom, for example, has a sink wrapped in a Hoosier drag radial, and there's even a hubcap sporting the suddenly relevant-again Dodge Fratzog hanging on the wall. The wide-open living room overlooks the toys in the garage, naturally, and... the kitchen? Well, that one isn't exactly car-themed, but it does share the same view of the garage and access to a beautiful covered deck.

Now, surely you can't be bothered to go up another flight of stairs to explore the rest of the house. Good thing there's an elevator to bring you up to your third-story observation deck. That's right—an entire space dedicated to overseeing the racetrack and dragstrip.

While you, unfortunately, won't own the associated race track, you will have a private gated entrance to it, shared only with your like-minded neighbor who has an identical garage-house. You will also receive a "good neighbor pass" to BIR-sanctioned events like the NHRA Nationals. If you're just out for a grocery run, take the public road-facing gate. You'll have to navigate the winding, racecar-themed driveway to get there though. Now, I'm not telling you to get any ideas, but it sure as hell looks like it would be fun to rip around in a go-kart.

We're not sure how, but this house has apparently been for seeking new ownership for 40 days. You can change that, though, for the small sum of $999,999, according to Zillow. And in this market? Just how can you afford not to?

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