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For $56,000, You Can Have a Hellcat-Powered Wrangler

On top of the purchase price of the vehicle.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to drive both a Hellcat (Charger or Challenger) and Jeep Wrangler, you can certainly appreciate each vehicle’s individual capability. The Hellcat and its pavement-scorching 707 horsepower is scary fun and always good for a few smiles and close calls. It’s also common knowledge that the Jeep Wrangler is arguably the most capable off-road vehicle from the factory. But what if you could have both in one vehicle?

Hell yea., Dakota Customs

Dakota Customs of Rapid City, South Dakota decided to make the Mopar marriage happen and the result is quite possibly the most insane Jeep on the planet.

Dakota Customs

The Hellcat conversion consists of the 707-hp Hellcat engine and all the modifications necessary to make it work in the Wrangler. On top of the factory goodies, the Dakota Customs package includes a Walbro dual fuel pump system, intercooler system and CSF custom race radiator. The engine also gets airflow assistance and a nasty note via stainless steel Borla headers. 

The beast., Dakota Customs

You might assume this type of power would almost be unusable off-road but as the video below displays, it’s more than helpful.

The package starts at $56,000 on top of the purchase price of the Wrangler which could be upwards of $50,000 itself. But even at $100,000 or so, isn’t it kind of worth it? Interested in getting one for yourself? Just use this form on Dakota Customs’ site to get the process started!

Turn your speakers up and hear that Hellcat scream!