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Jeep Shows off Seven Cool Concepts for the Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari

From Wranglers to Wagoneers, Jeep's new creations are bound to please the most celebrated Jeepers.

Passionate Jeep aficionados will soon embark on their yearly pilgrimage to one of the Jeep meccas of the world: the 52nd Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari. And like every year, they will be welcomed by several all-new concepts that the masterminds at Jeep and Mopar engineered specifically for the off-road event.

A total of seven custom-built concepts will adorn the picturesque trails of the Moab this year, and to say that the brand’s designers allowed their imaginations to run wild is an understatement. Hint: One of the concepts involves a throwback Jeep Wagoneer. The other six concepts feature a combination of two and four-door Jeep Wranglers and one Jeep Renegade. Sadly, there weren’t any Hellcat-powered, 707-horsepower Jeeps on tap this year.

Two of the wildest Wrangler-based creations for this year include the Jeep 4SPEED and Sandstorm concepts. The 4SPEED continues a tradition previously established by former lightweight and nimble concepts with the installation of a carbon fiber hood, high-clearance carbon fiber fender flares, and a carbon fiber rear tub with perforated aluminum panels in order to reduce weight. The Sandstorm, on the other hand, is inspired by Baja desert racers and is all about speed on the straightaways and agility on the trails with its modified front axle, longarm four-link suspension, and track bar.

“Pushing the limit is something the Jeep brand is no stranger to and these seven new, exciting and capable concept vehicles are the latest example of that,” said Mike Manley, Head of Jeep Brand. “Every year, we look forward to introducing new concept vehicles and ideas to our enthusiasts. The Moab Easter Jeep Safari presents a unique and perfect opportunity to collect valuable insight from our most loyal customers.”

This year’s cool name award goes to the yellow Wrangler dubbed “Nacho Jeep.” According to the automaker, this one-off creation is loaded with a plethora of Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts and therefore serves as a rolling catalog and “blueprint” that off-roaders can follow with their own Jeeps. Perhaps it’s called Nacho Jeep because it’s “not-yo-Jeep,” and not because of its color.

Last but not least, the most special of them all is the Wagoneer Roadtrip Concept. The nostalgia-machine is an actual 1965 Jeep Wagoneer that’s been stretched five inches and outfitted with a wider track, off-road fender flares, rock rails, and a new front grille. The lovely turquoise and white exterior color combination is a true reminder of Jeep’s strong American roots.