This $12M Montana Mansion With a 50-Car Garage Is an Enthusiast’s Dream House

With a 9,000 square-foot house and a garage with a dyno room and its own gas station, there's not much else you'd need.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a spectacular car collection and you want to move out to the country–WAY out in the country–to get away from everyone and everything. Montana is a logical choice because the population is about a million people scattered across 147,000 square miles. With only seven humans per square mile, you’d be assured of seeing more wildlife than wild parties.

At the end of North Fork Road in Big Sky, Montana, the house of your dreams awaits your check for $12 million. Or $53,948 per month over 30 years, if you prefer. I’m talking about a 9,000 square-foot house with an underground garage and space for up to 50 cars. Plus a dyno. A gas station with a 1,000-gallon tank. And a Tesla charger.

Big Sky Country MLS/Zillow

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom house is ginormous, and it’s fine if you like a lot of antler accessories and brightly-colored cabinets. It sits on a nearly 21-acre lot with a guest house and RV hookup, and even a treehouse. But the garage is *chef’s kiss*. In the photos, you’ll see a 1967 Corvette alongside a vintage El Camino and a few other American-made classics lined up in what appears to be mint condition. Bad news, though: it doesn’t seem that any of the cars are included in the $12 million price tag.

Curiously, this house was valued at $1.5 million as recently as 2015. In 2018, it popped up to $3.6 million. Even in February of this year, the property was valued at $3.8 million. Somehow it jumped all the way to $12 million at the end of March. If they’re not throwing in any of the vehicles as a bonus, I can’t imagine how the price spiked to that level.

The listing says, “According to car collectors, the underground garage is the best of its kind. Or repurpose it for your own use as a gym, theatre, or another multipurpose use.” Please, someone with big bucks, buy this house and prevent this spectacular garage from becoming a gym. 

That would be a terrible waste.

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